Bookish Ornaments!

Okay, so I got super distracted last week, but for one very good reason: I got a Christmas tree!! This is the first tree I’ve gotten as an adult, so it’s pretty exciting. Finally, I got to take my Harry Potter ornament out of its box and put it on a tree! Naturally, I then went on Pinterest and looked at all the amazing book related ornaments. There are so many amazing ones out there, and I’ve been pinning them like crazy all week. Here are some of my favourites!

Calvin & Hobbes Magical World


This ornament made me smile as soon as I saw it. There are so many good Calvin & Hobbes comics that feature their wintertime adventures, and I loved that this ornament reminded me of all their antics yet was heartwarming at the same time. And for those who love upcycled books, this ornament is for you!

Novel Arts | Etsy


Peter Pan | Pixie Dust


Peter Pan doesn’t usually jump to mind when I think of Christmas, but I melted over this ornament. It captures that feeling of magic and is really pretty. It’s so simple, and yet there is so much to it, and this ornament is definitely one of my favourites.

KaleyCrafts | Etsy


Jane Austen Collection

jane-austenI had a really hard time picking one ornament for Jane Austen’s books, as there were a couple that I really liked. I finally choose this one. I love that it’s the whole collection of her works, the different colours, and you really can’t beat books as ornaments!

Bookish Gifts | Bas Bleu


Steampunk Airship


I just finished reading a collection of Steampunk short stories, and when I saw this ornament I got so excited. Steampunk creates some of the most unique stuff I’ve ever seen and I think it’s just gorgeous. I love this ornament because it features the traditional glass ball, yet totally transforms it into that Steampunk look.

Merimask | Deviant Art


Steam Punk Glass Ornaments


If the obvious Steampunk ship isn’t your style, these more subtle Steampunk ornaments might work. I absolutely love this set of ornaments. I think they’re so pretty and I might have to buy these for myself in the future!

Turtleshell03 | Etsy


The Hobbit Burrow


Out of all The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit ornaments that I looked at, I kept coming back to this one. Even though it’s not overly Christmasy, I kept thinking to myself, the Burrow is home. I absolutely love the handpainting work, and the sparkles give it that little something extra.

ArtsyDeniseToo | Etsy


Harry Potter Glasses


I told myself I could only share one Harry Potter ornament, and you have no idea how hard that was! There are some amazing Harry Potter ornaments out there, including Hogwarts Letters, Howlers, Prongs, and Floo Powder! I finally chose Harry’s glasses. I absolutely love ornaments that are stuffed with book quotes, and the fact that this stuffed with HP quotes and has Harry’s glasses on the outside makes it perfect.

Ornaments for Adoption


Percy Jackson Nectar and Ambrosia


I ran across these wonders fromĀ Percy Jackson and totally fell in love with them. I think these are really cute and I love that its something a little different from the round ornaments.

DIY Percy Jackson | Lemon Lime Adventure


Beauty and the Beast Belle

belle-ornamentFinally, what may be my all time favourite ornament that I found was this adorable little Belle. I got so excited when I saw this ornament that I dropped my phone. I love Belle, and I absolutely love that she is reading a book. I think this ornament is perfect and I can’t wait to get it!

Precious Moments Belle | Hallmark


I had a REALLY hard time narrowing down which ornaments I wanted to share. There are so many amazing bookish ornaments out there, from Game of Thrones to The Mortal Instruments, Alice in Wonderland, about a million Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings ornaments, and so many more that I can’t even name. Check out TheLibraryLife’s Pinterest page to see more of my favourites. I hope my family can handle it, because I see a very bookish tree in my future.




Eye of the Labyrinth – Jennifer Fallon

eye-of-the-labyrinthOn the Cover: Since the Age of Shadows ended, the people of Ranadon have lived under the merciless heat of two suns and the tyranny of Antonov, the Lion of Senet. Consumed by his lust for power and his unshakable belief in the capricious, almighty Goddess, Antonov’s rule is absolute. Only one man has the intelligence and will to break that hold… a man who could be King.

Suddenly widowed, Morna Provin, Duchess of Elcast, has lost her only protector. With her son banished for an unspeakable crime, she faces a horrifying fate at the hands of the Lion of Senet as retribution for her relationship with the heretic Johan Thorn. But it is only part of a cunning scheme to lure her son, Dirk Provin, back into the fold so Antonov can consolidate his power once and for all.

With his mother’s life at stake, Dirk Provin must emerge from hiding in the Baenlands and return to Elcast – setting in motion a rebellion that will expose long-buried secrets and ignite festering hatreds. For a ruler’s fears and a madman’s prophecy will start Dirk on a quest for truth that will spark a fierce battle between two very different men: one who believes only what his five senses tell him, the other obsessed by his faith in the divine. It is a clash that will bring to light a revelation that may shatter them all.

Published: 2004

Other Books in this Series:

Lion of Senet



The Review:

I totally appreciate Jennifer Fallon’s writing. The depth and vibrancy of the world she has created made it incredibly easy to step into this book despite how long it has been since I read the last one. This novel only serves to expand on what she presented within the first book, and with a wide array of characters, a rich landscape and deeply intriguing religious and political systems, Eye of the Labyrinth delivers on all levels.

The further I read in this book the more excited I got. Dirk Proven reaches the Labyrinth and between him and the Eye lays a path riddled with traps and puzzles. I absolutely loved the archeological feel of the adventure and the mystery of the puzzles, yet the solid foundation of religion and politics lent serious implications to the discoveries made in the Labyrinth.


While I was disappointed that Dirk’s short time at the Labyrinth – I could have read an entire book that took place there – I was really impressed with this story. The novel does a great job of both expanding on the character story lines from the first novel while also paving the way into the final book. The book really builds up the plot and raises expectations for the conclusion in the third novel. I am looking forward to reading this next novel, and cannot wait for it to come in to the library so I can get my hands on it! Definitely check this one out if you are a fan of fantasy stories rich in political motivations and history told through puzzles.

Rating: 4 / 5