A Discovery In the Library…

So I was wandering through the library today in search of a book, only to discover that the book I needed wasn’t there. I started to browse the books near me (’cause, you know, I like libraries ;)) and was brought up short by a discovery: books about blogging. Yeah, let me say that again. Books. About blogging. I just thought it was…odd.

So why did I think this was so odd? Well, I pulled a few off the shelf to look at them, and one thing stuck out: the publication dates. The most recent was from 2008. We all know that books don’t happen overnight, they take a while to write and get published, so best case scenario the content is from some time in 2007, making it around 5 years old. But when I looked at more books on the shelf, I realized there were books about the internet from as early as 1996. This content is 16 years old!

It made me stop and think because the internet is such a fast-paced environment. Things can disappear overnight. And yet these books have sat on these shelves for 16 years – are they even relevant? While books are helpful on so many topics, can they really be helpful in the long run? Are books the best medium for the content? Or (and I hate to say it) are libraries wasting space on their shelves for this outdated content?

As I’m writing this it did occur to me that perhaps these books would be helpful in more of a history context – the history of the internet, or how the internet used to be. What blogging looked like 6 or 7 years ago – how much has it changed? But I do wonder how many students at the university would be interested in the information…or how much is searchable on the internet ;) So many questions to ponder…

I did sign out a couple books on blogging and internet social groups. Hopefully I’ll find out something interesting!


2 comments on “A Discovery In the Library…

  1. Haha! This reminds me of a conversation we had in my collection development class! It seems completely pointless for libraries to purchase materials regarding the internet and computers considering how fast everything changes, but they can be extremely useful for people who need those kind of resources for about the first two years after they are published. Besides these books, I find the most useful sources for information on blogging can be found online! If you are interested booknerd.ca is doing a series on blogging tips right now on her site! I really liked your point about the history of internet and blogging too! Interesting post!

    • Thanks! I totally get that the books are useful within the first couple of years, but I just wonder if libraries should be weeding these types of areas more often? Although I suppose that’s more work…but it makes you think!

      PS Thanks for the recommend, I’ll check it out! :)

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