Harvestmath Festival Time!!

I am super stoked that it’s fall. Not only is it my favourite season, it also plays host to my favourite festival, the Harvestmath Festival!

All the yummy fall food at the festival!

The first festival I ever played was actually this one, 1 year ago. I was absolutely delighted with the Haunted Burrow and all of the quests I could play. Now that a year has passed and I’ve played the other fests, I think the Harvestmath is still number one (although the Yule Festival and Anniversary Celebration were close contenders!). Not that I really had any problems with the other festivals, but I think the Harvestmath has the full package.

The top 3 facts of why Harvestmath is awesome:

3. The abundance of quests.

For this festival, most of the quests are in the Haunted Burrow, and there’s a nice handful of quests that you can do in one location. This is the reason I couldn’t even complete quests in the Summer Festival – I couldn’t stand trekking halfway across Middle-Earth for one or two quests that didn’t give high token rewards. Harvestmath has a good number of quests in one location, so you can hang out at the Party Tree in Hobbiton the whole Festival and actually enjoy it, and not waste all your time in travel. Plus the quests are fun to play, so I don’t mind running in and out of the Haunted Burrow 20 times. The Burrow is a maze, and I love learning the floor plans and the fun of running through the maze as fast as I can. It just adds to the quests for me, because even though some are “go fetch” type quests, I have to think about where each item is in the maze, not just a mindless “go pick flowers.”

Quests like this! Stomp out those Crawlies. Ew, ew.

2. There are good rewards.

I find that some of the other Festivals have had…less than desirable quest rewards. This is usually because the mounts or cosmetic outfits are oddly coloured, like the really bright rewards from the Spring Festival. But I like the majority of quests rewards from the Harvestmath. The fall colours look awesome, both on mounts and outfits, and even a lot of the house decorations are nice additions. The quests rewards just push me to play the festival for longer, because I want everything!

I love this Harvestmath Mount!

And finally, the absolute best part of the Festival:

1. The setting.

I’m not gonna lie, I’m not a big fan of Halloween in real life. And yet I absolutely love the Haunted Burrow! (Although I have to admit, the Yule Festival is actually incredible as well – the winter setting is beautiful. But the Burrow just has …more.) The Burrow has an awesome amount of detail put into it, and I love every tiny piece. First, every room has a large amount of stuff in it – dusty, glowing bottles, rickety cages, creepy paintings. But on top of that, there are ghouls and ghosts and bats that pop out of nowhere to scare you! The screen goes randomly dark, there are moving bookshelves, and gorgeous purple smoke. Plus the basement is properly creepy, with leaks and fog and mysterious puddles that make you sick. There is just so much STUFF in the Haunted Burrow, and that’s definitely why it’s my favourite festival of the year!

The entrance to the Haunted Burrow. So much cool stuff to look at!

This figure doesn’t do anything but sit there. It just…creeps me out!

Moving bookshelves!

Creepy ghosts! Get away from me!

Creepy Basement that makes you sick. *Cough Cough*

The Attic, complete with purple smoke and chains!


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