So this past weekend I was able to see Looper on its opening weekend, and the theatre was packed! Although there were things I liked and disliked about this movie, it was definitely one that I enjoyed.

The Actors

I don’t think they could have picked better actors to fill these roles. As I mentioned in my I’m Excited To See: Looper post, these two were the reason I was looking forward to the film so much. Well, they definitely didn’t disappoint! Gordon-Levitt was phenomenal as a young assassin, and as his life started unraveling, you could see his desperation and determination to finish his job and kill his target. At the same time, I loved Willis’ character and his drive to stop those trying to kill him. With these two going head to head I was absolutely wowed.

It was also mentioned in my last post that Gordon-Levitt does have a lot of makeup on to make him look more like Willis, and I am happy to say this was not distracting in the least. The makeup was flawless and never made his features look unusual. It was actually completely fascinating to watch Gordon-Levitt play the part – he definitely sat down with Willis and learned the way he moves and speaks – even his facial movements! I am so impressed by how well Gordon-Levitt was able to match Willis and hold his own in the duo.

I do have to say though, several times in the movie Gordon-Levitt’s voice was a little distracting, because it wasn’t his voice. In order to sound more like Willis, Gordon-Levitt spoke in a huskier, almost grating tone, and that was way more obvious to me than the makeup. It bothered me a couple times during the movie, but the action was able to pull me back into the story and I would soon forget it again.

The Setting

I did struggle with the setting of the film. A lot. You’re dropped into this dystopian world where Loopers are the police force and everyone else is struggling to pay for food. But that’s never really explained. The movie is always looking forward to where the time travellers are coming from, and never looks back to explain how the world got to wear it is. That was a big disappointment, and I would have liked just a better introduction to the setting.


In this movie, the time traveling felt totally plausible. I loved the fact that they presented time travel as one way – that is was the future sending people back, and because time travel had yet to be invented, people couldn’t travel back to the future. If you think about it, that kinda makes sense. Even though Willis’ character is sent back in time, time travel itself isn’t really a focus, but is more a means to the characters’ stories. I really like the way time travel was worked into story.

Check out an infographic that explains the timelines of the movie. *Spoliers*


So I was surprised when Telekinesis made an appearance in the film, because I really wasn’t expecting any type of genetic evolution. Called “TK” throughout the movie, I both liked and disliked its presence. TK is mostly just a parlor trick – men floating quarters in bars trying to pick up women. I thought it was hilarious and brilliant. I like that the evolution didn’t jump into full-fledged super powers, and the tiny abilities these people showed were much more plausible. I also had to laugh every time a guy tried to pick up a woman by floating a quarter (really guys?).

But…this is a time-travelling movie. That’s what I came here to watch. And it’s only set 30 years in the future – will people start floating things that soon? Probably not. It just didn’t seem to match the story, and it felt like two different parts (the time-travel and the TK) had been spliced together into one story. I don’t think it needed to be there, and I was a little disappointed that it was important to the storyline.

The Action

So I have to say, the action was pretty good in the movie. I enjoyed all the action sequences, and nothing felt like it had been duplicated from other movies. The only iffy part was that it was a lot more bloody than I had anticipated. Like, a lot more. You see a lot of blood and guts in this movie (Think Drive, if you’ve seen it.) Although it wasn’t terrible, it was just a bit unexpected.

Also, the action isn’t go-go-go. There’s a lot of character development, which I personally liked. I really liked young Joe and old Joe and watching their characters on screen together. But some people that I went with thought the movie was slow, and didn’t like it as much. Still, I enjoyed the action in the movie.


So yes, there were a few things I didn’t like in the film. But overall, I enjoyed the experience of seeing Looper. I definitely would be willing to watch this one again when it comes out on DVD, and I suggest that you go see it in theatres. :)

Rating: 4/5

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