The Issues With Long Weekends…

So I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with long weekends – I love long weekends! They’re the best! They get me away from work, I get to see friends and family, and of course I get to eat wonderful home cooked food that I miss very much.

But I think I took one too many days off this past weekend, and as a consequence I’ve been playing catch up all week. Busy busy busy. Too many projects to work on and not enough time!

So, as a result I haven’t posted anything for a week now, and I’ll admit I miss it very much. I hope to be back at it either later today or tomorrow! Planning lots of fun things and read a few books on the long weekend, so those should go up soon.

I hate that I’m this late on it, but happy belated Thanksgiving, and I hope everyone had a lovely weekend!



One comment on “The Issues With Long Weekends…

  1. I had a crazy week too trying to catch up! I think it happens to everyone :P

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