Dark Angel – Eden Maguire

Dark Angel Book CoverOn the back:

I thought Orlando’s eyes would burn right through me. Say yes, you’ll come. Leave this Daniel guy, whoever he is, and walk away with me.

Orlando, stay! I pleaded silently. Don’t abandon me here! I saw how it must look from the outside, Daniel standing next to me, owning me.

Why I chose it: I used to watch the tv show Dark Angel, with Jessica Alba in it. It had its perks. The title reminded me of that show so I thought I would try it out.

The Review:

So I’m not going to lie – when I picked up the book I didn’t have high expectations for it. Despite the title I knew it probably wouldn’t be anything like the show, and from the excerpt on the back….Well, let’s just say I was picturing a Bella-Jacob-Edward moment.

This book could not have surprised me more!!!

Let’s start off with the setting. They’re in an area that is constantly under threat from forest fires, and the main character Tania is mortally afraid of them. She constantly has nightmares or episodes where she pictures the flames engulfing her, smoke choking her, the heat surrounding her. The descriptions of the fire during the dreams are unbelievable! They made the fires seem real, practically leaping off the page, and Tania’s fear is something I totally was not expecting right at the beginning of this story.

The main plot line centers around the local celebrity, a rockstar named Zoran, who seemingly lures people to his mansion with huge parties full of beautiful people. Those teens who are sucked into Zoran’s world start to act like they’re on drugs, to hate on all their friends and want to move into Zoran’s mansion. No one understands what is going on. Then of course Tania gets caught up in the mystery.

The thing I really really liked about this book is that Tania didn’t know what was going on – and neither did I! See, usually when characters are acting all confused and paranoid I absolutely hate it. Half the time I find that the character is just being oblivious to what’s going on around them and I just want to yell “Look around!” The other half of the time the readers know there’s nothing wrong, but the character doesn’t know that and I get tired of them being paranoid over nothing. Yet this book approaches the issue really well and I really liked it. Tania doesn’t know what’s truly going on in Zoran’s mansion – but neither does the reader! When she was confused, so was I. This book kept me so engaged because I was legitimately concerned for Tania, and just like her I wanted to find out the truth of what was happening at the mansion.

There were a few things I would have liked to see in the book. There was a lot less romance than I was expecting, especially because the back of the book really suggested that type of story. I also think a slightly better explanation of events at the end may have helped (although this is part of a series so that may be addressed later). But there were so many elements I wasn’t expecting, like the fires, the mystery, and ghosts. Dark Angel kept me really engaged all the way from beginning to end, and I would definitely recommend reading it. I’m looking forward to reading the sequel!

Rating: 4/5


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