An Interesting Turn of Events…

Character standing beside a food-laden table

Me in our Kinship House

I had blogged about a month ago that I was a little hesitant to take over the Successor position in my Kin, as I was afraid of time commitments, etc. Well, I signed on last week to play, and my Kin leader starts an interesting conversation with me.

KL: Do you have a moment to chat?

Me: Of course! What’s up?

KL: Well I wanted to talk to you about the successor position. Um as you know we all get pretty busy with real life stuff and we can’t always be on to play a lot, which I totally understand. But due to your schooling and time commitments I have been thinking that maybe we should reconsider the Position. *cringes* I’m not saying you’re a bad Kin Leader!!  I know you’ve just got other stuff on your mind and you can’t get on to play! I understand and I don’t want to take anything away from you but there are a lot of really dedicated members in this Kin that I think should be recognized for their efforts. So I’m so sorry about this, but …well what do you think?

Me: Good grief, I agree. Do it. Done. I step down effective immediately.

KL: Wait, what?

Me: I’d been meaning to talk to you about this anyway.

KL: You have? Why?

Me: Because I’m never on! So take it and be done, go give it to someone else.

KL: So…you’re not upset?

All in all, it was a pretty hilarious conversation. I have never seen my Kin Leader sweat so much over asking for something, and so needlessly! I think he genuinely thought I would be really upset that I had only been leader for like, 4 months, and that he was taking that away from me. Let’s share a secret – totally relieved!! It removes so much pressure from me to have to sign in and check on the Kin. I can just focus on my work and play when I want to play.

He did send quite a lovely message to the Kin about it though:

“Due to a heavy schedule resulting in limited time online with us, my Lady Melain and I have decided that it would be in the best interest of the group for her to relinquish the position of successor and resume her previous position as officer.  It was with great difficulty that I selected her replacement in that position from among the several able, qualified and deserving from among this truly outstanding group of people.  It had to be done, though, and so it has…”

Well, it was a brief but fun experience, and I’m kind of glad to relinquish the position. Now I can go back to being that quiet girl who doesn’t say much and likes to hunt orc. ;)

Character riding a horse up a road.

“Let’s hunt some orc!”


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