That Left Behind Feeling

On October 15 the Lord of the Rings Online expansion Riders of Rohan was released. This expansion was highly anticipated, and everyone over level 75 was incredibly excited to enter Rohan and experience mounted combat – something new to the game.

But…I’m not level 75. Actually, I’m not even close to level 75. My highest character is 41. Plus I’m not one of those players who likes to level really fast. I like to enjoy the game and take my time, to really take in the experience. And something cool happened this week – I was wandering around an area that I’ve spent many hours playing in, and I came across some ruins that I had never seen before. What?? How could I have missed these ruins? It was really exciting to find something in an area that I thought I knew really well.

What ruins are these? Why have I never seen them before?

So I wasn’t looking forward to Rohan. I am very happy for people who do get to play in Rohan, and I’ve heard from a few people that they absolutely love it. I’ll get there eventually, just not anytime soon. I thought I would just carry on as normal.

Somehow, things just didn’t feel normal, though. First of all, Bree felt like a deserted island every time I went there. Where are all the people? It is an extremely strange feeling to go to a usually bustling town and only see a handful of people (all insignificant lower leveled people like yourself). And my Kin wasn’t around – well, they’re always online, but most of the constant players are above 75, so they’re all in a Fellowship together and talking amongst themselves. Which is totally cool, and really didn’t bother me. Just, you know, left me few conversation options.

You have not entered any lotteries – AKA there are no lotteries to enter.

But what stung the most? The lotteries. These are lotteries that run on the Lord of the Rings Online community site,, by LOTRO. The day of the expansion there were no lotteries posted. Well, that’s okay, they just put their expansion live, they’re probably going crazy trying to fix all the little bugs, etc. Plus they’re posted twice a week, I’ll just wait a few days. Guess what? They weren’t posted. Okay, it’s still expansion week. Maybe they just threw the whole week away. So this past Monday I logged on… No lottery.

It wasn’t that I really missed the lotteries – I don’t win that much, and sometimes the rewards aren’t great (50 more fireworks, anyone?). I just like to log every day to check the lotteries out and read some forum posts. But there were no lotteries posted, and what sucked is that more and more I felt forgotten. There was so much focus on Rohan that I felt like all the little guys were just left behind – and they couldn’t even be bothered to throw us a bone by giving us lotteries.

I just feel a little sad. But then again, other than the lotteries, play has gone on like normal. Good old lonely normal. Maybe next week, right?

3 comments on “That Left Behind Feeling

  1. tsuhelm says:

    Fellow slow LOTRO player :) Tsuhelm lv35 hunter F2P.

    It is very true that being a MMO LOTRO seems to be less than massive when it comes to numbers visible in game…it can be a lonely trip, I still love this lonely trip mind. (In fact I suspect if it was not so LOTRO would lag up completely and die!)

    Re: lotteries they are up again, I’m sure you noticed, I have registered for the very 1st time…looking forward to not winning anything!

    • I agree, I love the trip too :) It’s such a lovely game. And yes, I did notice that the lotteries started up this week – yay! I’m glad things have settles down for lotro. I do hope that you win, good luck!

      PS, what server are you on? I’m on Windfola. :)

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