Taking A Minute To Relax

So as you know, I’ve been super busy lately with working and trying to finish up school. I’m getting really excited for things to start wrapping up and end before the Holidays! I can’t wait to go home and see my family.

But even though I’ve been so busy, I haven’t stopped reading. There’s something awesome about winding down at the end of a busy fast-paced day and just taking even a few minutes to read a book. I know a lot of people who read right before bed as a way to relax before they go to sleep. (I’m not so sure that that works for me, considering lately I’ve been reading a really good book – I may have lost a bit of sleep over it!) But I do know that it’s nice to take a bit of a break from work and for even 5 or 10 minutes just read, and relax my brain from puzzling over different work problems!

I don’t know about you, but I find reading way more relaxing than watching tv or surfing the internet or anything like that. I think it’s because even with the tv on I can still think about work or school or other things, but I can’t really think that much while I’m reading a book, because my brain is too busy firing away over the book, processing what I’m reading. And I’m sure my imagination is in overdrive picturing all the cool scenes from the books! Definitely a fast way to get away and have a mini-vacation. ;)

So I don’t know if you’re as busy as I am, but here’s just a small reminder that as you’re going about your busy day, take a small break and read a few pages from a book. I’m sure it’ll be nice to take a few minutes to explore a different world, before you have to get back to work in this one!


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