The Graduating Perspective

I’m finally done!! It has been absolutely crazy for 16 months, but I am finally done the LIS program. Now that I’m graduating, I wanted to share some thoughts on the program and the experience that I had.

A lot of people in my program are concerned with the amount of work that’s actually involved. And I’ll be the first to admit, it was really hectic at times. It’s not necessarily that the program has a lot of really difficult work – in a lot of my classes, there were a lot of little assignments to be done instead of one big one. But then again, all of these assignments would be due at the same time in all your classes, so it became a lot of work. These assignments really taught you how to manage your time, to multitask, and how to be efficient – all skills that I think are extremely valuable in the workplace.

The program also covers a lot of topics. I mean a lot. Everything from the history of libraries, perspectives of librarianship, cataloging and management, to things like social media in libraries, archiving, law librarianship, etc, etc… I do think that one of the dangers of the program is that library students can’t find their groove in the program because it does cover such a wide scope of the library sciences. I don’t think it’s a bad thing to cover so many topics, as it really does expose library students to different things and lets them discover the different areas they can focus in, but I do wonder if students struggle to find what they like.

I did see people who loved the program, and people who struggled to identify with the program.In terms of my own experience, I did struggle in the beginning. I didn’t like the core courses, my classes didn’t always mesh well, and I didn’t really know what I wanted to do. Then I hit on a couple of technology courses and decided to go into a technology concentration, which I really liked and I learned a lot from. In the end, I did an independent research project about online communities that was extremely rewarding. Even though I felt lost in the beginning, the program in the end was a lot of fun and I found it really rewarding both on a personal and an academic level.

I know I have friends who didn’t enjoy the program as much as me, but personally would I do it all again? Absolutely. I think struggling to find what I liked in the beginning only made the end so much more worth it. It did mean that I had to take an extra 4 months in the program instead of graduating at 12, but I don’t regret that decision at all. I had fun in the program and now I’m ready to join the workforce and explore what it’s like to work in the library field. :)

2 comments on “The Graduating Perspective

  1. Great reflection post!! I struggled with the program at times too, but I would do it all over again in a heartbeat! In fact, I actually miss taking some of the courses and wish I could learn more about library sciences! Most of all, however, I miss seeing awesome people like you everyday in class! Miss you!!!!

    • I miss some of the courses too, and in some ways I wish the program was longer so that I could have taken more! But of course I miss everyone – going from seeing you every day to living in different cities sucks!! Miss you too!!! <3

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