It’s A Book-Swapping Christmas

Happy Holidays! I have to say that one of the reasons I love the Christmas Holiday is that I get to spend quality time with my family! But also awesome is the amount of books that I get – and I don’t mean as presents.

When my friends and family all visit, we trade our books with each other. Books that we loved, books that we didn’t, and sometimes books that we think others just need to read. When there’s a lot of us around, that can amount to a lot of reading! Even one of my aunts came over this holiday and calling our house her “personal library.” She took home a good 10 books!

I also love that I can then talk about these books with my friends and family. I love discussing a book to death, so I always get pumped up when someone starts reading a book I loved (or hated). Then of course I’m pushing them to finish it so we can discuss the book without me ruining anything!

If you don’t book swap with your friends or family, I definitely recommend it! There’s nothing better than sharing books you love with other people. :)


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