Sacrifice – Cayla Kluver

Cover of Sacrifice

On the Back: This is not the time for the fight to the end. Now is when the fight will begin. This is the time to regain what has been lost.

Alera: Queen of a fall kingdom, secretly in love with the enemy.

Shaselle: Daughter of a murdered father, rebel with a cause.

One lives behind the former Hytanican palace walls and walked the razor’s edge to keep the fragile peace in her beloved homeland. The other slips through the war-torn streets, seeking retribution for her family’s tragedy, following whispers of insurgency.

Both will face choices that will separate them from those they cannot help but love. As their stories intertwine, a conspiracy ignites that may end in slavery or death – or lead to freedom anew, if only each can face what must be sacrificed.

Why I Chose It:  This is the final installment to the Legacy Trilogy – You bet I was first on the waiting list at the library! :D

The Review:

I always have a fear when I get to the last book of a series, because I don’t want to be let down if it’s going to be the last one. I should not have doubted Cayla Kluver! This book was amazing! I honestly think it’s the best one of the three and it was definitely worth the wait!

The book doesn’t spend too much time reintroducing the characters, which was nice. It went straight into the political and military issues between the former Kingdom of Hytanica and the presence of Cokyri, the realm that overtook them at the end of the second book. The tensions between the two nationalities was very present, and Kluver does a great job at showing the mixed feelings of relief at the end of the war, but the struggles of accepting Cokyri rule. The book managed to really influence my own emotions, as I wanted peace between the two nations, but also wanted the freedom of Hytanica.

There was a bit of a surprise when the second chapter actually comes from Shaselle’s perspective, something Kluver didn’t do in the other books. The two perspectives were done extremely well, and really allowed me to see more of the story. I immediately fell in love with Shaselle.  She’s curious and intelligent, and always manages to get into the middle of everything. But she also has a fire in her and a huge desire to do something about the Cokyri rule, despite the fact that she really has no avenue to do so.

If I had anything to criticize about the book, it would perhaps be that Queen Alera wasn’t involved in the rebellions or the attempts to take back Hytanica. She does come from an extremely patriarchal society, and in the first two books you see her struggle with times when the men wouldn’t listen to her, then trying to adapt when she suddenly did receive a power position. Yet in Sacrifice she was kept very much naïve of what was going on among the men of her Kingdom. While Alera has become a much stronger woman than she ever was, and really did show her strength in this book, I would have liked to see just a little more from her. Even just suspecting that the men were plotting something instead of a sweet innocence may have been enough. Then again, Shaselle’s determination and stubborn persistence does help to balance Alera out, and I enjoyed both characters immensely.

Sacrifice has several points in it when I was actually shocked at what was happening, and I couldn’t put it down even when I tried! It was an amazing conclusion to the Legacy Trilogy, and definitely worth reading!

Rating: 4.5 / 5

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