Avatars: So This is How it Ends – Tui T. Sutherland

Avatars Book CoverOn the back: The end of the world is only the beginning.

From New York to Los Angeles, Chile to Egypt, five teens awake to find their cities eerily deserted. Why have they survived when so many others haven’t? What force connects them to one another? Moving North, South, East, and West, they are pulled together to fight the ultimate battle in a war they never knew about – a war that has been raging since the dawn of time.

Why I chose it: The name grabbed my attention because of the 2009 movie. When I read the back and found out it was a dystopian novel, I thought, why not?

The Review:

I didn’t really know what to expect from this book, so I was really happy when it turned out to be interesting. The one aspect I really liked about this book are the 5 different characters that you switch between throughout the book. All 5 are drastically different from one another: a quiet nerd, a pop star, a jungle native, etc. As the book switched between their points of view, you really get to hear the different voices that are happening, and you really feel how different they all are. Never once did I mix up the characters or think they were too similar, so I really enjoyed so many different people to see the story through. It also helped when I would start to get bored or annoyed with one character, because the book would then switch!

Transported to the future, the 5 teens are drawn towards each other by a voice in their head. I really liked the inner struggles they each had, trying to figure out what might have happened to Earth, scared of what was happening to them, and why there were no other humans around. As the 5 of them made separate discoveries, it was really neat as the reader to slowly understand the overall story of what happened, even though each individual character didn’t. The descriptions of the places they went were really cool too – it was a really neat look at what would happen if humans disappeared instantly from Earth. Also existing were these giant glass creatures – giant insects, snakes and birds that “chimed” when they moved, but were terrifyingly deadly when they saw humans. They were really cool.

The teens end up being “avatars” for gods – they’ve been brought together on a deserted Earth to wage a battle between the gods, they just can’t remember who their previous god identity was. I really liked that so many different mythologies were pulled on – Egyptian, Roman, Greek, Hindu, Incan, Polynesian – and even though these really come into play near the end of the book, I was so excited about the combination of all the different stories. I am pumped to read the next book, because I definitely want to read more about these gods from different mythologies going head to head!

Rating: 4 / 5


2 comments on “Avatars: So This is How it Ends – Tui T. Sutherland

  1. Interesting! I’ve never heard of this book before! I’ll have to go and look it up on Goodreads! Sounds like it was good though! I love a good dystopian and I’ve always had a soft spot for mythology :)

    • Yeah it was so interesting because I had never heard of it either, but turned out to be good! I’m hoping the mythology really becomes a main part of the second book, could be really interesting!

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