The Best Surprise In A Library Book

This past week I finally got a chance to check out John Green’s new book, The Fault In Our Stars. This was extra exciting for me, because (even though I hate to admit it) I’ve never read a John Green novel. I was really looking forward to finally reading one! But when I got home and started flipping through the book, I had a really exciting surprise.

It was signed. Signed. I always get excited at signed copies of books, because I love holding a special copy of a book. I thought it was neat that the Library had pre-ordered the book, as John Green personally signed every copy of the first printing.

John Green Signature

But this one was better.

This one had a Hanklerfish.

Hanklerfish Drawing

If you don’t know, that’s a fish drawn by John’s brother Hank. Hank signed 7400 copies of the book, which worked out to 5% of the first printing.

Five percent.

I’m not going to lie, I had really mixed feelings about this. The Green brothers have an amazing amount of fans, all of whom would have been ecstatic to receive a copy of the book with a Hanklerfish drawn in it. And a library got it. A library, where it sits on the shelf, unowned. When a fan would have gone nuts over being one of the lucky five percent.

But the more I thought about it, the more I liked it. Yes, a fan would go nuts. Show all of their friends. And then the book would sit on their shelf for them to look at whenever they wanted. And for a second I felt sad for all the signed copies of books that are sitting on personal shelves. Because in a library…just think about how many people now get to see it. I mean, I never would have gotten to see the Hanklerfish otherwise. I was on the library’s waiting list for the The Fault In Our Stars, and I know there is at least 100 people that are on that list. That’s a ton of people, that if they know anything about the Vlogbrothers, would be incredibly excited to open that book and find those two marks in the book.

And I know how excited and shocked I was when I turned that page. That surprise of finding them, the shock when you realize what it means, the excitement of knowing what you were holding…That is an amazing feeling, and I am incredibly happy that I get to share that feeling with every other person who opens that library book. And being able to share that feeling, that is what a library is all about.

So am I happy that this book is in the library?

I couldn’t think of a better place for it.

Me with the book!

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