The Loves of My Life

Happy Valentines Day! As a tribute to today I thought I would share some of the books that I have fallen in love with over the years!

After Hamelin CoverAfter Hamelin – Bill Richardson

It’s always been very hard for me to pick my favourite book. My go-to answer when people asked was always “I don’t have one, I’ve read too many books!” It always made me feel guilty though, so I forced myself to pick one, and After Hamelin won. I love this book, and every time I read it I love it a little bit more. I really enjoy a book that is able to take a fairytale that everyone knows and do something really interesting with it. This book takes the Pied Piper and tells the story of what happens after the Piper leaves with the children of Hamelin. They are taken to a dream world complete with timid dragons, scary harpies, talking cats and jump rope rhymes. In addition, there’s good old magicians and ancient spells. It is funny and adorable and a very delightful read, and I’m very happy to call my favourite book.

Uglies CoverUglies  – Scott Westerfeld

Scott Westerfeld is definitely one of my favourite authors. Every book I’ve read by him is absolutely brilliant. The first book I ever read by him was Uglies, and I was absolutely fascinated with the world that he created. I find his books incredibly intelligent, and the entire series is outstanding. Not only are all the characters incredibly endearing, the world Westerfeld creates makes an interesting commentary on our own world. This does not distract from an incredibly intriguing and exhilarating story that definitely fascinated me!

Maximum Ride CoverMaximum Ride – James Patterson

I absolutely had to include Maximum Ride on this list! Although I haven’t had the chance to finish the series yet (which consists of 8 books) I am in love with it! Max and her adopted brothers and sisters all have one amazing perk: they have wings, and yes, they can fly. While this in itself is enough to delight me, the thing that makes this book an absolute winner is Max herself. She is unbelievably sarcastic and provides an amazing commentary on what’s going on around her. She is hilarious and extremely entertaining, and is probably my most favourite character I’ve ever read. She definitely makes the book!

Cart and Cwidder CoverCart and Cwidder – Diana Wynne-Jones

I have to admit, I have yet to read a book by Diana Wynne-Jones that I haven’t liked. However, Cart and Cwidder was the first I ever read, and is a book that I absolutely love. Moril’s character is really easy going and therefore really easy to like. His family are traveling musicians, a lifestyle that I have always thought intriguing, and I really enjoyed reading about the details of their traveling lives. Plus the book really shows the depth and power that music can hold, and watching Moril learn this is remarkable. This book has a really deep and old magic that exists within the music, and tells a story that I think is absolutely beautiful.

Silverwing CoverSilverwing – Kenneth Oppel

This book has the uniqueness that it is told from the perspective of a bat. I never knew I liked bats until I read this book! It’s the adventure of Shade, a bat who is making his first migration, and the story just sucks you into the adventure. Its such a good story, following Shade along as he pieces together the puzzle pieces of his journey in order to be reunited with his family. I love the mystery in it, the tiny little pieces that eventually all fit together to make an incredible journey, and I’m delighted every time I read it.

Andromeda Strain CoverThe Andromeda Strain – Michael Crichton

While again, I have never read a book by Crichton that I didn’t like, Andromeda Strain is the first I ever read by him, and I was immediately caught up in the story. Crichton has the amazing ability to take incredibly technical science, make it deliverable, and then wrap an intriguing and intense story around it. In all of his books you can sense the depth of his research and the intelligence behind every line. And yet on top of that his characters are solid and story lines incredibly entertaining. Definitely an author to read if you haven’t yet!

These are all books or authors that I love and will definitely return to again and again to read. I hope everyone has a lovely Valentines Day and celebrates by reading one of their own well-loved books!


3 comments on “The Loves of My Life

  1. Great post :) I remember loving After Hamlin too when I read it WAY BACK for the Silver Birch program! I still have to read Uglies….I know…I’m a terrible person! I started reading the Maximum Ride series but only made it halfway through the book when I had to return it to the library. I should probably go pick it up again :P

    • Haha, well you know that I definitely recommend them! I’m looking forward to finishing the Maximum Ride series – I was kind of waiting for the series to be done so that I can read it all at once. :)

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