I Have No Memory of This Place…

Since I’ve been really busy at work these past few weeks, a lot of nights I’m super tired and don’t want to do anything that takes effort. (Thus, less blogging…) But last night I decided I wanted to play Lord of the Rings Online. I figured it would be nice to take a break from everything and relax my mind in Middle Earth.

Now, I haven’t actually played LotRO in about 3 months – hey, life happens! And while I knew a couple of updates to the game had happened during that time, I wasn’t really concerned, considering that most updates are for higher levels and don’t really effect me.

But when I logged on, I found myself in a town I didn’t recognize! I was actually in Bree, the first major hub in the game, which I use as a sort of home base for most of my gaming – and thus I know it pretty well. I love hanging out in Bree to craft, run Skirms or people-watch for players with awesome armour or weapons! This town hasn’t been touched since some of the first updates of the game, and when I saw how much it had changed it was a total shock!

Even though it was really unexpected, I have to share that I am absolutely in love with this change. The biggest reason why? I got to explore it! I LOVE exploring towns in-game and finding all the little details that really make it special, and here was a town that I knew really well yet got a chance to explore it all over again! I probably spent a good hour just riding through Bree and looking at all the cool new things! I have to say, every change I saw I loved, and I wanted to share some of the awesome parts of the town with you!

First of all , there are now more markets and computer characters around Bree. While Bree can be bustling with tons of players, it can also at times be a ghost town. I love that there are now computer characters to add charm to the town, with carts, canopies, and fresh produce to buy!

Stone Quarter Market

Scholar Stair Market

Another really cool thing is that when leaving the town to the East, there are now ramped roads up to a whole new section of town! I love this little addition and all the small details they’ve included – plus the houses look so cute!

Staddle Exit

Staddle Exit 2

Staddle Exit House Close Up

What else? The greenery! I wouldn’t have said Bree had a lot of character or charm about the town before, but now it’s bursting with gardens! I’m definitely a sucker for the natural aspect in the game, and I absolutely love the way it’s been incorporated into Bree. It makes the town feel much more like a home, and I think it’s beautiful.

Town Hall

Stone Quarter

Bree Gardens

Aaaaand best change ever? The Prancing Pony! A large part of the quests that run through Bree happen within this building, but I wouldn’t have said it was anything more than a building. Yet now they’ve added a whole courtyard full of stables (completely fitting for an Inn!) I love it! I cannot describe to you how in awe I was when I saw the new Prancing Pony. It instantaneously became my new favourite building in the game, and I can’t wait to go back and see it again!

The Front of the Prancing Pony

Courtyard of Prancing Pony

The Courtyard at the Prancing Pony

I really enjoyed being able to tour around Bree again and see all the new additions. Now I really want to make a new character and run through all the quests that occur in Bree. Time to get back to Middle Earth! :D

Overlooking Bree


4 comments on “I Have No Memory of This Place…

  1. It’s such a pretty looking game! All I can remember though is panicking the one time I played at your house because I thought I killed your new horse that you were in love with! Lol :P

  2. couillon says:

    I like the “new” Bree! If you haven’t been to Thorins Hall, check out that place, it’s worth starting a dwarf just to run thru the starter instance.

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