MWF Seeking BFF – Rachel Bertsche

MWF Book CoverOn the Cover: When Rachel Bertsche first moves to Chicago, she’s thrilled to finally share a zip code with her boyfriend. But shortly after getting married, she realizes that her new life is missing one thing: friends. Sure, she has plenty of BFFs—in New York and San Francisco and Boston and Washington, D.C. Still, in her adopted hometown, there’s no one to call at the last minute for girl talk over brunch or a reality-TV marathon over a bottle of wine. Taking matters into her own hands, Bertsche develops a plan: Meeting people everywhere from improv class to friend rental websites, she’ll go on fifty-two friend-dates, one per week for a year, in hopes of meeting her new Best Friend Forever.

Why I Chose It: My best friend recommended a book about searching for best friends. ;)

The Review: I found MWF Seeking BFF a really interesting read, mostly because it was largely non-fiction. Bertsche really did move to Chicago and document her search for new friends in the new city. I was impressed with how she set herself the goal of one “girl date” a week, and all of the random and sometimes genius ways that she not only met women, but essentially picked them up! I have to say, the book does make you consider some really interesting ways to meet new people if you wanted to make more friends of your own.

I struggled through the book, however, as I was anticipating a fun, girly story, and the book is much denser than that. Being a journalist, Bertsche naturally fills her own writing in with all of the research that she gathered on the subject of making friends. This was a part that I had trouble with. While showing all of her research does give Bertsche a deeper level of legitimacy and reality to her book, at times I felt like I was reading an essay for school. Reading through a lot of facts was tiresome, and I found my mind wandering in portions of the book. In addition, I found some of the facts a little preachy, stating things like “You need *this* many friends in your life or you’ll have a miserable life and die early.” (Okay, mildly exaggerated, but that’s essentially what it felt like it was saying.)

I also found the book to take a really long time to read. While it only has 384 pages, I felt like it took me forever to read through, and this is because of one issue. In the beginning Bertsche’s girl-dates are interesting and fun, but she does have 52 of them to get through, and in the end they become a little repetitive. I found it tedious to read, as the book describes every single date that she goes on. I was a little relieved in that Bertsche herself does begin to burn out towards the end of the year, and as a result her descriptions do get shorter and more concise.

I did find the book really interesting. It covered some really neat concepts, and gives a lot of good ideas of ways for females to make more friends. The book originally started as a blog, and unfortunately I think it would have been easier to read as a blog. Reading Bertsche’s journey as it happened, and over a long period of time may have been more engaging, and it would have been less descriptions in one sitting. While overall I liked the book, I was just a little disappointed that it wasn’t the light, fluffy read I had been anticipating. Still, there is some really excellent research within the book, and if you’re looking to make more friends or even just to keep in touch with the ones you have, then this is a great book to read!

Rating: 3 / 5


2 comments on “MWF Seeking BFF – Rachel Bertsche

  1. An interesting concept for a book! I think I would enjoy it more if it was written like a fictional chick lit, considering how bogged down you got my the details.

    • Yes I agree. I’m curious how much was changed / edited when she transformed it from a blog to a book, because she definitely could have made it more fictional. But it had some interesting parts :)

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