Brave New Love – Paula Guran (Ed.)

Brave New Love CoverOn the Cover: In a hopeless world, can love prevail?

Dark is the night, but absolutely terrifying is the day that reveals the destruction and chaos from a world gone horribly awry. With bleak uncertainty and danger lurking around every corner, it takes the bravest of hearts to find the will to survive. How far would you go to get one breath of fresh air? Is the tiniest trace of hope worth a fight that could cost your life? And if love is the thing most worth fighting for, how can it be found and, moreover, be able to thrive?

Hearts will race in these stunning and fast-paced tales of survival and romance created by the hottest and bestselling authors in the YA and dystopian world.

Why I Chose It: After reading Steel by Carrie Vaughn, I looked up books by her and found this. After seeing that Kiera Cass (The Selection) was also an author I was sold!

The Review:

Reading this book was actually way cooler than I had anticipated. There are 15 chapters, each by a different author, and each featuring a story completely unrelated to the others. I absolutely loved being able to read one chapter a night, and be able to enter a completely different world the next day.

I think one of the cool aspects about this collection is that all 15 authors were asked to consider the same two factors: 1) What would happen to our world if it ended, and 2) A love story between two young adults within that dystopic world. All of the authors based their world on our own, and then twisted it into something new and utterly dark. It was fascinating to turn to a new chapter and discover what new hell the author had created. But on top of that, in a lot of the stories our world was still recognizable, but was incredibly eerie, as I kept thinking to myself; This could totally happen. If our world ended, I can absolutely see it becoming like this, and I think that really spoke to the authors’ skills in that the dyspotic worlds they created were absolutely believable.

Brave New Love has pretty much everything in it. Crumbling high rises, flooded cities, towns that continuously burn. Some of them had super creepy governments controlling every movement of the population, through sound waves, distributed food, etc. There was an absolutely bone-chilling story of a pregnant teen running from the government, and two stories had concentration camps for youth. I’ve also officially read my first zombie story, so that was cool. Like actually this book had so much in it, and it was super fun to read.

Did I like all of the stories? No. Of course not. But I did like most of them. And even the stories I didn’t like, there was usually some part of the story that I appreciated or thought was unique. I will definitely keep my eye out for other collections like this because I really enjoyed reading it. I am also super pumped that not only did I get to read more stories from authors I like, I also got exposed to new authors that I didn’t previously know. I can’t wait to look into what else they’ve written! Any reader who enjoys dystopian fiction should definitely check Brave New Love out!

Brave City

Rating: 4 / 5

Here’s a list of all the authors in case if you want to check them out too!

Elizabeth Bear

Steve Berman

Seth Cadin

Kiera Cass

Amanda Downum

Jeanne DuPrau

Nina Kiriki Hoffman

Jesse Karp

Diana Peterfreund

Carrie Ryan

Nisi Shawl

John Shirley

William Sleator

Maria V. Snyder

Carrie Vaughn


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