You Can Never Have Too Many Books! (…Are we sure about that?)

So I absolutely love books. Love ’em! That’s why I genuinely enjoyed university, because I got to read books everyday for school! When I run into a used book store it’s the best smell ever. If I get given a book, it’s better than any other gift I get. Seriously, if I could buy every book that I’ve ever loved or have wanted to read I would. Probably the only reason I don’t is my student budget doesn’t really let me.

You always hear from people “You can never have to many books!” But is that true? I have recently started thinking that I am in book overload.



You see, every time I go to the library, I get more books. It’s one of those situations where I return one and get out three. I always end up coming home with more books than I intended to sign out. These books keep piling up on my night stand for me to read.

In addition, of course, I keep getting books given to me (not that I’m complaining!) But somehow I always put these books on the back burner – after all, library books have a due date, and books I own don’t. I have all the time in the world to read those! And this is how I have a bookshelf full of books that I have owned for years and never read. An entire bookshelf. Every time I look at it I think “I totally want to read those!” and then I walk to the library. Oops…

And now I have Kindle for PC on my laptop. Of course, I still don’t want to spend money on e-books (one because of budget, two because I’d rather own a paper copy). But of course, you can sort search results by price. Do you know how many free books there are available? SO MANY. And do you know how easy it is to click that download button? (Click! Click! Click!)

Last week I got an easy 25 books onto my computer in a matter of minutes before I realized what I had been doing. I then had a very serious moment of wandering through my apartment and looking at all the books on my shelves, on my night stand, and realizing how much reading I have to do! This is when the slight panic mode started: BOOK OVERLOAD.

So. While I’m all for the sentiment that we can never have too many books, I have realized that I also need to pace myself. I only have 2 books out from the library, and I will try my hardest to not sign out any for the next few weeks – I want to see what treasures my bookshelf and computer have on them first! It’s actually an exciting feeling to be able to read the books that have sat looking so pretty on my shelf for so long – now I can discover what’s inside!


8 comments on “You Can Never Have Too Many Books! (…Are we sure about that?)

  1. Charleen says:

    I don’t have too many physical books (or e-books), but my TBR list grows faster than I can ever hope to keep up with it. Not a terrible problem to have, I know… but it still sucks knowing that I’m going to leave so many good books unread.

  2. ioniamartin says:

    Oh boy I do feel your pain lol

  3. I have book overload too! I use to take tons of them home from the library because otherwise I was afraid I would forget what the titles were after reading and loving the synopsis so much. Now, I just add those books to Goodreads and try to pace myself with one book from my own shelf, and then two from the library. So far it seems to be working okay, although I tend to throw in a couple extra library books in between sometimes :P Ohh the life of a book addict!

  4. Ocho says:

    I once read somewhere that your book collection (and tangentially, gaming and movie collections, too) should primarily be filled with books you haven’t read yet. Once read, a book passes on it’s knowledge to the reader. A filled bookshelf of books you’ve already read contains no new knowledge for you, but a bookshelf of books you haven’t read contains knowledge yet to be known, and so it is more valuable.

    This is why we hoard more books than we’ll ever have time to read. It’s the potential of more knowledge that drives us forward.

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