Reading When Tired

Do you ever have the problem that when you’re tired, you just can’t bring yourself to read?

I’m like that a lot when things get super busy or I’m working full time, because by the time I get home, it’s nice to just curl up in front of the tv and not have to think. Somehow picking up a book just feels like too much effort. I will look at my book and think, “Nope, it’s just too much.” Of course, this is usually a thicker novel which sometimes do take some effort to read, but sometimes even shorter novels or short stories just feel like effort.

At these times I wish I had a giant stack of children’s picture books to read. You know why? Because they rock. Also, they’re easy to read. Yet just because they’re easy to read doesn’t mean that they’re not enjoyable! When I’m too tired to read whatever novel I’m currently in, of course I want to pick up a book like Dr Seuss. These books are fun and light reading, yet I don’t feel like I’m being unproductive. Reading a book is reading a book. ;)

The unfortunate part is that most of the picture books I own are kept at my parents house, as I’m still in an apartment and don’t have the storage space for them quite yet (or the large amount of bookshelves that I wish I owned). So of course I raid the kids section at the local library! There’s just something a little delightful about sitting cross-legged on the floor in the kids section and digging through the shelves for those books that you treasure.

So I thought I would share some of my favourite picture books with you! Some of these I read when I was little, and and some I’ve fallen in love with as an adult! And the next time you feel too tired to pick up your novel, maybe you’ll reach for a picture book instead. :)

One Fish CoverOne Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish – Dr Seuss

While yes, some of my favourite Dr Seuss books are more well known like “Green Eggs and Ham,” one of the first Dr Seuss books I can remember reading was “One Fish Two Fish.” I still enjoy the simple, fun rhymes, and sometimes catch myself muttering phrases from it!

The Swine Snafu – John Bianchi 9780921285120

This is a silly little story about two swine families who live beside each other, are complete opposites, and who happen to switch babies at birth! I’ve had this book since I was little and it still makes me giggle when I read it!

If_you_Give_a_Mouse_a_CookieIf You Give a Mouse A Cookie – Laura Joffe Numeroff

This is a book that I came across when I was older, and I was delighted by the playful nature of the book. After all, it’s very important to consider the consequences of giving a mouse a cookie!

A Bear In War – Stephanie Innes & Harry EndrulatA Bear in War Cover

This is a picture book I found during a school project on war literature for children. While it has a much more serious tone, I absolutely fell in love with this book. It has beautiful pictures by Brian Deines, and tells a very touching story of a young girls experiences during war.

Harold coverHarold and the Purple Crayon – Crockett Johnson

I can’t even remember where I got Harold, he’s just always been around! To this day I am still in love with Harold – he draws a door on his wall and steps into an imaginary land! He draws a boat and he can sail away on his own ocean! Plus, his crayon is purple. What could be better?

Mortimer – Robert Munschmortimer

And of course, Robert Munsch. When I was little we had all these little pocket sized books, most of which were Munsch books. We had all sorts – “The Dark,” “Thomas’ Snowsuit,” “The Paper Bag Princess,” “The Dark,” and more. But my absolute favourite was always Mortimer. You bet I still sing that tune!



6 comments on “Reading When Tired

  1. Charleen says:

    This is great. I remember my favorite Dr. Seuss was one called The Butter Battle Book. Didn’t realize until years later that it was basically a fictionalized version of the Cold War.

  2. I LOVE picture books! You need to read Tiki Tiki Tembo, The Name of the Tree, Once Upon a Cool Motorcycle Dude, You Are Special, The Three Trees, Humpty Dumpty Climbs Again, The Frog Prince Continued, Grumpy Bird, Let the Pigeon Ride the Bus, Chester, the list goes on and on! Can you tell I read a lot of picture books lol? These are just some of my favourites!

  3. Darcy says:

    Any Munsch is great, but Mortimer was always a fav of mine too!

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