It’s Officially Fall

Hello, Autumn!

I understand that some people dislike fall. They don’t like the cold or going back to school, the loss of daylight. I get it. But I am not one of those people. I love fall. It’s my favourite season. I’m actually so excited that it’s fall, and I wanted to share with you why I love fall so much! :D So here are my top 5 reasons in no particular order of why autumn is awesome.

1. The leaves change colour.

This is one of the first events that gets me excited for the fall. I absolutely love when all of the leaves change colour. There are so many oranges, red and yellows, and when all of the trees have changed it’s just so beautiful outside! Fall trees just make me absolutely happy. This is a tree I found a few days ago – the first changed tree I’ve seen!! :D

A fall tree turned orange

2. The leaves are crunchy!

Okay, obviously connected to the whole changing colour aspect of fall, but crunchy leaves are amazing! I absolutely love going out for a walk in the crisp autumn air and being able to crunch on all the leaves that have fallen to the ground. I may be in my 20s, but I feel like a little kid when I go out of my way to step on a leaf. It definitely makes me happy!

3. The Holidays!

Holidays are very important to me because my family doesn’t live close, so these are the times that we are all able to get together and see each other. I always look forward to October to be able to see everyone for Thanksgiving (Canadian!). But on top of that, there is also all of the amazing food to eat, like pumpkin pie, eggnog and pumpkin spice lattes! Every Thanksgiving my mother makes an amazing turkey dinner, and it’s wonderful to be able to share that with my family. I also start looking forward to Christmas!

Okay, okay, yes Christmas is really a winter holiday and not in the fall, but my argument is that it’s not technically winter until December 21 – meaning almost all of the excitement happens in the fall! And I’m not excited for the presents part of Christmas – I just love the atmosphere. I love all of the music, the movies, the decorations. I love Christmas lights. I love the colours of this holiday – the reds, greens, golds, silvers. Everything is sparkly.  How can you not love sparkles? Right now I’m looking forward to Thanksgiving, but once that’s over, it’s all about Christmas!

4. The Wildlife

Every fall I see a ton of wildlife near my home. There is a family of deer that lives near me that I see constantly, and it’s neat to go for a walk at dusk and visit them. They’ll actually let you get quite close before they run off into the trees. Fall also means that the geese are migrating South. I love geese, so it’s always nice to see them flying overhead, making their silly honking sounds. I think they’re totally adorable!

Goose swimming in river

5. The Shire Reckoning

Finally, this has become a huge perk of my fall. The Shire Reckoning is a Twitter account, @ShireReckoning, that tweets the events of Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings at the approximate date and time they occur – starting every fall with Frodo’s birthday. This is my third year following them, and I absolutely love it. It’s kind of surreal to be busy at work, then check my phone to discover that Frodo has left the Shire, carrying the Ring. For a split second, I get transported away from my desk and into Middle Earth. It always make me want to read the books again. If you’re a lover of Tolkien, you definitely need to check this one out! (Or @ShireReckoningW for the Western Hemisphere!)





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