Oh The Woes Of Technology

I had every intention of blogging this past weekend. Yep, every intention. I even sat down and went to blog – only to discover that my keys weren’t working. I mean literally, the keys in my laptop would not work. I could type all I wanted, but nothing was showing up on the screen. Um, what? I actually still don’t understand how that is possible. My poor, dear, old laptop that I am too emotionally attached to…

Then, the very next day, when I was still bemoaning my poor laptop and beginning to consider if I would have to throw it out, I had the delight of picking up my phone and watching the battery meter go 55%…43%…18%…6%…5%…4%…gone. Apparently my electronics were rebelling against me all at the same time.

So for the past couple of nights I found myself without any of my usual technology (the tv, of course, being hogged by the boyfriend ;)). But you know what? It was kind of nice.

I often forget how much I’m on my laptop or my phone. Even when I’m doing something else like reading or cross stitching, I often have music or shows or movies playing in the background. It’s actually pretty rare that I’m not connected to something, so when all of the sudden I didn’t have anything going, it felt a little strange.

I’m not going to lie, for the first 20 minutes I think I sat there thinking, what am I going to do? I was moping a bit. But then, I got productive. I did some stitching, read, and wrote in my journal – which I hadn’t done in a while. It felt nice to be focused on what I was doing for once, instead of paying attention to something else. It felt nice to be focused on, well, me. Plus, I forgot how quiet it can be. When I always have the tv or music going, I forget how quiet my apartment actually is. So it was definitely nice to have my place be quiet, with just me, my thoughts, and my pen.

So now, my laptop have been fixed by my lovely tech-savvy boyfriend, my phone re-charged and seems to be holding out fine, and I am reconnected. But this week definitely made me think. I never would have considered myself to be one of those people who are “always connected” but apparently I am. But in the future I think I might take a night a week, and just listen to the quiet. There’s something so peaceful about it. So even if you think you’re not one of those connected people, take a night and turn it all off. I mean everything – phone, tv, laptop – and have a nice, quiet evening to yourself.


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