Exploring The Audiobook

I’ve wanted to try out book forms like audiobooks and eBooks for a while now, but I hadn’t really gotten around to it. But finally, just before the New Year, I finally got the push that I needed.

Ready Player One CoverI’ve been trying out an audiobook for the past two weeks – specifically, Ready Player One by one Ernest Cline. Yes, I did just finish reading this at the end of November, so the book is quite fresh in my mind. But in researching more about Cline, I stumbled across the fact that Wil Wheaton read the audiobook. Well then. Also, for those of you who haven’t read the book, Wil Wheaton is actually mentioned in the novel, so this just seemed perfect. It seemed like the audiobook was calling my name, so I set out to the library to check it out!

My first problem with audiobooks is, what do you do? When I’m reading a physical book I’m obviously occupied with reading. But I found with the audiobook, my hands felt empty. Am I supposed to just sit there? If I’m doing nothing, why not read a physical book? I can read much faster than listening anyway. I tried to keep my hands busy, so I ended up playing games on my computer, and missing parts of the book because I’d somehow tuned it out. I do, however, like to cross stitch and latch hook. I find that doing repetitive crafts like these work well while listening to the book (although if I have to study the patterns I sometimes have to pause the story).

But I think I’ve figured out my favourite time to listen to an audiobook. Have you ever crawled in to bed all set to read, but your eyes are too tired and achy to actually focus on the page? Usually on these nights I would just forgo reading. But even if my eyes are tired, my ears aren’t. This is the perfect time for me to listen to a story! I can lie there all drowsy and listen to a chapter. (Yes, sometimes I fall asleep and later have to backtrack to figure out where I was – but I do that with physical books too. ;) ) I can’t believe I’ve never tried this before!

So while I do have some difficulties with when to actually listen to the audiobook, I’d say that this is a pretty positive experience. I think I’d like it best if I could couple it with a physical copy of the book – one to read by day, and one to listen to at night. I’ll definitely have to try out another audiobook after this!




5 comments on “Exploring The Audiobook

  1. Food Junk says:

    It took me a while to get into audiobooks. I listen to them when I’m driving, almost exclusively. But even then I sometimes have to rewind because I missed huge parts of the book daydreaming. This audiobook is great. I’ve listened to it twice. I also recommend Cline’s poem Airwolf. Love it.

  2. When I was driving back and forth to Welland every day while working for the school board, I loved audiobooks! The only time I seem to be able to listen to them is while driving. Unfortunately, now that my daily commute is over, I find my short trips around the city not long enough to delve into an audiobook properly. It’s so annoying driving for 5 minutes, stopping the story, then starting it again for another 5 minutes, then stopping it again. Oh well!

  3. […] have tried audiobooks before and it was not a bad experience by any means. I rather enjoyed the different medium, and I also […]

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