Lost In A Fandom

So I definitely had a totally amazing blog post I was going to plan out that I definitely didn’t prepare for at all. Why? Well…I was shopping. I got a little lost on Etsy looking at all the pretty things that I totally bought because they were shiny.

But do you know why I love all the little shops like Etsy? Because of the Fandom explosions that occur on them. I wasn’t buying any neckalces for myself, I was buying Fandom necklaces. Guys! This is the first time I’ve ever bought Fandom items for myself and I got super excited and maybe went a little overboard. I bought necklaces from Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Alice in Wonderland and the Vampire Diaries all in one go. Yep. Overboard.

Seriously though, Fandom explosions. I love how much stuff has been created by fans, put online and bought up by other fans. It’s a constant reminder that people are awesome. It actually boggles my mind sometimes. Have you ever seen how many cross stitch creations exist based on Doctor Who? It’s like every person who watches Doctor Who decided to take up stitching. And every amazing quotation from every movie I love has been made into buttons and magnets and necklaces and earrings and so on. Books and movies and games that were all turned into pillows, blankets, home decor, kitchenware, tea flavours, tattoos, nail art, full costumes including armor and weaponry – you name it, it’s there. It makes me happy.

I also find it inspiring. All of this is totally accessible to me online, but I love that it also makes me stop and think about what I am able to create myself. I, too, happen to cross stitch. Now I want to make stitches from all the Fandoms that I love. I want to make wall hangings and pillows. I want to make totes with my favourite quotes. It’s so interesting that looking at how other people have created their own things makes me want to create things too.

So a gentle reminder in the middle of a Fandom love rant – every now and then, go online and see what’s there. Whatever Fandom you treasure most, go look and see what interesting things have been created. Maybe you’ll be inspired and become lost in a Fandom too. :)


2 comments on “Lost In A Fandom

  1. I love Etsy and its fandom explosion!! I have to limit myself to only checking Etsy once every 3 or 4 months though to limit my spending lol!

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