What’s In A Name?

My Minor Identity Crisis

I’ve recently been going through some identity issues with thelibrarylife. I had a really giant urge to change the name and overall theme of the blog from a “library” blog to pretty much anything else. Why? I guess it just didn’t feel like me anymore. When I made the blog, I was in my final semester of library school, I was looking forward to graduation and getting a library job, and I was excited to be talking about my experiences and the books I was reading.

Since then things haven’t quite gone according to plan. While I have managed to secure a job, it’s a data entry position in an insurance company. While I’m very grateful to have this job, it’s not exactly in the library field, and even though I keep telling myself it’s experience, it’s not really library experience. I’m not working in the library field, and the only connection I have with libraries are the books I read.

So I decided to change the blog. What’s the point of running a “library” themed blog if I’m not a library student, I’m not working in a library and I can’t see myself getting into a library in the near future? I spent a few hours searching for a blog name that wasn’t already taken – a much harder task than you would think. Apparently tons of people think along the same lines that I do when it comes to a book blog.

Taking a break from the frustrating name search, I moved to my “About” page to change my description. That’s when I read the sentence, “I’m a librarian, a gamer, an avid reader and occasional writer.” This made me pause. Everything in that sentence was true. So then I really stopped to consider, if I call myself a librarian, what is a librarian exactly?

A quick search of dictionary.com shows that a librarian is defined as “a person trained in library science and engaged in library service.” Okay. I’m trained, so I guess I’m half a librarian? But I still feel like a librarian. I believe in libraries and what they stand for, and I definitely want to get into the field, I’ve just taken a (hopefully) minor detour. And I don’t want to change that about myself.

Some Minor Changes

I’ve decided to keep thelibrarylife, with some minor changes. I may not be a librarian yet, but I will be. I’ve also decided that the name still applies, as almost all of the books I read are not bought, they are borrowed from the library. I may be living the library life as a patron and not an employee, but I’m still living it.

One of the changes are the tabs. “The Library Life” has been simplified to “Blog.” I’ve also eliminated “The Gaming Life.” While I love to play video games, I don’t really have the time to play a lot right now, and I don’t like having a stagnant tab. My previous posts from this tab have been incorporated into the Blog tab for now, until I can get back into playing.

I’ve also decided to make some changes in how I blog. I’d like to try really hard to post twice a week. Last year I missed blogging on a few things because I was only posting once a week. I have to admit this is going to be hard for me, but I’m going to try really really hard to do it! I also want to blog about more movies. I was previously writing about new movies only, ones that I saw in theatres, but I see a lot of movies after they come out and I’d like my posts to reflect this.

Finally, I’ve edited my About page slightly to reflect some of these changes. So there we have it, a slightly late New Years change to the blog, and I’m looking forward to seeing what this year brings to thelibrarylife. Let me know what you think in the comments, and keep swinging by to see how things are shaping up! :)


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