The Olympics Bubble

Sooo apparently I got sucked into a bubble for the past two weeks. It was called “The Olympics.”

I absolutely love watching the Winter Olympics, but this year it was a bit of a different experience for me. Up until this point, I’ve either been a student or working a part time student job, so I’ve been pretty free to watch the Olympics whenever I want. But this is the first year I’ve had to keep office hours. I couldn’t just watch the sports whenever I wanted, I had to wait until I got home.

So I was kind of interested in seeing what my work would do. I’ve heard great stories of people gathering around the tv in the break room to watch finals in their favourite sports, all cheering so loud the entire office knows if we’ve won or not. But I didn’t really think that would happen at my work. I work on a data entry floor, and we’re measured on our productivity of information processed per hour – so the Olympics are probably too big of a distraction to remain productive.

Well, we didn’t get a tv. My supervisor did create a neat wall, putting up paper cut outs of medals as we earned them, so at a glance we could see how many golds, silvers, and bronze medals we had earned. We didn’t know what sports they were in, but hey, better than nothing. But I was a little surprised that there wasn’t anything more than that. When our women’s hockey team won the gold medal last Thursday, I literally heard nothing. I found out because my friend texted me, but I didn’t hear a single person react in our office. It was pretty disappointing.

At the beginning of the Olympics I had to make a decision of how I wanted to watch most of the sports. I didn’t really have any way to watch them at work, and I made the decision that I wouldn’t get any push notifications or alerts during office hours, I would simply watch the coverage when I got home at night. It was kind of nice to come home from work and relax on the couch, watching all the highlights and replays from that day. At work, I was in a bubble away from the Olympics, and at night I was in a bubble filled entirely with Olympics. I was definitely  neglectful with all my social media and calls to friends for the past couple of weeks.

But don’t we all become a little hermit-y during major events like the Olympics? Most of the people I know definitely got stuck in front of their tvs/computers/wireless devices and didn’t really do much else. I’m not really sure what causes that. And I’m sure that some people didn’t become part of the Olympics Bubble, and maybe thought the rest of us were a little nuts, but now it’s over, and those of us who watched are emerging back into the world, looking around and thinking, now what? To me, it feels good to get out of the hermit cave and back into the groove of things. At least I only get stuck in the bubble once every two years, right?

2 comments on “The Olympics Bubble

  1. I didn’t get to watch much of the Olympics either :P The only event I managed to see live was the Men’s Moguls (which was awesome!). I wish my library had a TV playing in it (even on mute) so that I could have glanced up from the info desk now and again to see what was going on *sigh* Oh well! That’s life!

    • It would have been so nice having a tv in the library! Then again, I guess patrons would gather and potentially be loud. Silly patrons. ;) Still, too bad you couldn’t watch them!

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