Spring Cleaning

So this past week my house has been turned upside down by one obnoxious chore: Spring Cleaning. I’ve never really done a spring cleaning before, but when my boyfriend announced he was going to clean our apartment top to bottom, I figured I would pitch in! (a.k.a. I was told I was helping).

I am actually impressed by how much furniture we were able to move and clean underneath, behind, or around, and I have to admit that it feels so fresh and nice in our apartment! But I struggled with one major task, which was actually the only task I was assigned: choosing books and movies that I wanted to donate or get rid off.

Now I don’t know about you, but I rarely get rid of books. I have a tendency to hold on to them until my bookshelves are overflowing! Even books that I only sort of liked I’ll keep, or books that I didn’t like but have really interesting pictures, or a pretty cover – of course I want to keep them! I actually have two books in German that I can’t bring myself to get rid of. I don’t read German, nor do I have any plans to read German in the near future, but the books are just so pretty that I can’t help but give them a place on my shelf.

But my one task was to clear out anything I didn’t want. While I have no problem with books being double stacked on a shelf, apparently that’s considered “overflowing” by my boyfriend (he’s got a lot to learn! ;) ). But he makes a good argument: we’re moving in a year, and it could be to anyplace in the country. So I might as well start cutting the collection down to an amount that I want to move with.

It’s just so hard! On my first round through the bookshelf, I got rid of 3 books and 5 movies. That’s not very many. So I went through again, decided that any books I debated about should go – if I don’t love you for sure, you’re gone! I managed to get rid of 8 more books and 6 more movies. I’ve walked away from the task for now, but I know before I make a trip to the library that I’ll be going through the shelves at least once more.

And of course I’m trying to justify it in my head – giving them away just makes sense! If the books or movies are ones that I only sort of liked, it’s less likely that I’ll read/watch them again. But if I donate them to a library, some other person may get a lot of enjoyment out of them. Plus the library gets free materials, or if they don’t put them into the collection, they’ll sell them at a book sale to add to the library’s programing funds. So even though it makes me a little sad to get rid of some of my books, I know that it will help someone else, in one way or another. So maybe spring cleaning isn’t such a bad task after all. :)



4 comments on “Spring Cleaning

  1. Lol! Pffttt what the heck does JG know about bookshelves? The more they are overflowing the better! I miss Goodwill book shopping with you :( I know I keep saying this…but I need to go to London soon to visit you!!!

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