Vacation Packing

So I happen to be on vacation this week. Yay!! And as I was packing a thought occurred to me that I wanted to share.

You see, as I was shoving far too many pairs of shoes into my suitcase, my boyfriend pointed to a small stack of books to ask me what I was doing with them. When I said I was packing them he laughed at me. (He is, of course, the type of person who packs several electronic devices when he travels, and zero books.)

To clarify, I was packing three books. Three. For a week long vacation. I don’t find that to be an outrageous number of books, because it makes logical sense to me. You see, I was in the middle of one book, but close enough to the end that I knew I would finish before the week was over. Logically then, I would need a second book to read.

But unfortunately I can be a bit of a picky reader. You know, sometimes a book just seems to heavy or serious, and I’m just not in the mood for it. Or it’s a romance and I’m not in the mood for a sappy read. And really, I never realize I’m not in the mood for something until I’ve read a few pages and think “this just isn’t it.” So just in case I didn’t like my first choice, I packed a second one, resulting in a total of three books.

Of course if I had an e-reader this wouldn’t matter at all, but I don’t. :) But I’m curious to know, how many books do other people pack? Is three really too many, or does that make sense to everyone else? I figure that hey, if the books fit into the carry on, they’re coming!


4 comments on “Vacation Packing

  1. For a week, I too would pack three. For a weekend, one if I’ve just begun reading it, or two if I am halfway through it.

  2. I’m currently on a two week vacation and I’ve packed 6 books plus my e reader with all my NetGalley copies. I definitely think your number of books is reasonable!

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