The One – Kiera Cass

TheOneFrom The time has come for one winner to be crowned.

When she was chosen to compete in the Selection, America never dreamed she would find herself anywhere close to the crown—or to Prince Maxon’s heart. But as the end of the competition approaches, and the threats outside the palace walls grow more vicious, America realizes just how much she stands to lose—and how hard she’ll have to fight for the future she wants.

Published: 2014

Why I Chose It: I was excited to read the finale of The Selection trilogy!

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The Review:

I was really happy with the opening of the book, because right away there is a Rebel attack on the castle, and everyone is in a mad dash to reach a Safe Room. Immediately I felt right back in the middle of the action, and I thought it was an awesome way to remind the reader of the dangers that these girls – and the royal household – are facing. Unfortunately, this opening scene rushes straight from the attack to America in a trashy dress trying to seduce Prince Maxon. This change was so abrupt I actually flipped back and forth between the pages to make sure I hadn’t missed anything. Not only was this scene change incredibly unexpected, it led into the most awkward almost sex scene that I have ever read – but perhaps it was meant to be utterly cringe-worthy. Whatever Cass’s intentions were, the opening scenes read as one hot mess, and left me feeling a little dazed.

Within the Selection competition itself, I really enjoyed the character development that occurred. Watching American’s opinions and interactions between the different girls really reminded me of how much she’s been through and how her horizons have broadened. She’s not such a naive character anymore, and though she’s still not privy to a lot that’s happening in the kingdom, I really enjoyed seeing her grow into someone who can handle it.

I also really enjoyed the love story in this book. You can see their emotions under the surface of their words, and I was so relieved that America made her choice between Maxon and Aspen quite early in the book. While she doesn’t admit her decision to either of the men for a while in the book, I liked the way it was presented. She was afraid of admitting her feelings, and afraid of getting hurt, and I could really appreciate this mix of feelings in the midst of the competition. It’s entirely possible that Maxon might choose another girl over America, and I think it was incredibly smart of Cass to include America’s fear of this in the story. While the love story at times was still frustrating (everyone just needs to be honest!!) I actually did enjoy the way it was presented, and the complicated nature of America’s emotions during the competition.


In both the other books I realized I was centered on the Rebel army and really wished the story would cover more of what’s occurring outside of the castle. I felt I handled that much better while reading this installment for two reasons. First of all, America and Maxon do actually get involved with some of the Rebels. I’ll admit it’s not a huge fighting scene or a miracle peace treaty, but I liked seeing that they were at least trying to do something. The second reason is more of a personal one. Even though I was super interested in the Rebels, I think  forgot that the title of the series is The Selection. This story isn’t about the Rebels (although they’re an important part of this world), but instead this story is meant to be about the competition, and America’s experience within the competition. Once I let go of my drive to read more about the Rebels, I realized I was actually enjoying the story about the competition way more than I had before. Regardless of what I may have wanted as a reader, Cass does an amazing job of telling us the story about the Selection and what it’s like to be a competitor.

Finally, the conclusion made me incredibly happy. There’s a lot of dark stuff that goes down at the end of the book, stuff that actually shocked me. It was awesome to see that the issues in the kingdom didn’t just disappear or get forgotten about. And although a Selection winner is chosen, I also really appreciated that it doesn’t really fix anything. Maxon still has a lot of work ahead of him as King, and his Queen will be there helping him to fix their country. I think I just really liked that Cass didn’t try to wrap everything up in a neat little bow, but left the story open to the fact that there is still a lot for the Royal family to do – after the wedding, of course. :)

Rating: 4 / 5


“These girls will be the ones you call nearly every day for the first year, terrified of making a mistake and needing their support. When you have parties, these are the names you’ll put at the top of your guest lists, just under the names of your family members. Because that’s what you are now. You’ll never lose these relationships.” p 53

“Fight. The rebels are bullies. They’re trying to scare you into doing what they want. And what if you do? What kind of future do you think they’ll offer you? These people, these tyrants, aren’t going to suddenly stop being violent. If you give them power, they’re going to be a thousand times worse. So fight. However you can, fight.” p 70

“As he made his grip on me a little tighter, it felt like all the bad had been erased and Maxon and I were stripped to the core of our relationship. We were friends who realized they didn’t want to be without each other. We were the other’s opposite in many ways but also so very similar. I couldn’t call our relationship fate, but it did seem bigger than anything I’d known before.” p 83


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