About Time

AboutTimeFrom imdb.com: At the age of 21, Tim discovers he can travel in time and change what happens and has happened in his own life. His decision to make his world a better place by getting a girlfriend turns out not to be as easy as you might think.

Released: 2013

Why I Chose It: I wanted a nice rom com to watch and this seemed like a perfect fit.

The Review:

I was pretty interested in this movie when it first came out. I absolutely love Rachel McAdams. I think she’s adorable and I always seem to love the roles that she plays. I was also pretty curious about Domhnall Gleeson. He was in the Harry Potter movies, but I haven’t seen him play any other part so I wanted the opportunity to see him in something else. To my delight, I really liked Gleeson in this movie. He had a lot of charm in him, and just the right amount of awkwardness to be adorable. Gleeson and McAdams played off of each other very well as Tim and Mary, and I could definitely believe that they were a real couple.


The time travel aspect of this movie was presented in a really interesting way, because this wasn’t created as a sci-fi or fantasy type of movie. Time travel just happens to be something that the men in the family are able to do. I liked that it wasn’t presented as a huge issue or dramatic insert, but Tim’s dad is sort of like, hey, we can do this weird thing, you should try it. My favourite aspect though is the amount of skepticism from Tim and how he  figures his father is just playing a trick on him. He’s joking and laughing and decides to finally try it just to appease his dad. I found the entire segment a really nice way to approach the subject, as it put me at ease and allowed me to believe that this family had this exceptional power.

Surprisingly, this is not the romance that I thought it was. Yes, Tim uses his power to meet and date Mary in some very cute and charming ways, and this part of the story was very enjoyable. But the couple actually gets together quite early in the film, which made me wonder what else this movie was about. It’s actually less about “Tim and Mary” and more about “Tim and Dad.” For a family with this unique power, it gives the men a very special bond with each other. It allows the men an interesting opportunity to visit each other at any time in their history. It allowed them to discuss important issues, significant events in the future, or even just to hang out. This relationship between the two men was very powerful in the movie, and I personally found it quite moving.


I did find this movie to be a little slow, and it worked really well as a background movie while I worked on other projects. But I do think there’s something special about this movie and the relationships that it displays. It’s not about time travel. It’s about the connection and relationships that Tim makes, about how Tim views the world and lives his life. I really enjoyed this movie. I’ve found in most recent years movies don’t often have that special “family” quality that’s more about relationships and bonds between people, but this movie definitely has that feeling. It stands out as one of the more heartfelt movies that’s about something important – the time that we spend with one another.

Rating: 4 / 5



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