Kids Reads!

I’m currently visiting my nephew and I’ve had the delightful experience of story time with him! He’s just under two and loves books, which I think is awesome! Here are some of our favourite  books to read together:

31314Barnyard Dance! – Sandra Boynton

I adore Sandra Boynton books. They’re so much fun to read with their bouncy rhyming patterns. This book has a lot of different dance movements in it, plus many different farm animals. The pictures are adorable and I love to read this again and again!

“Stomp your feet, Clap your hands! Everybody ready for a barnyard dance!”

3231205Little People Color and Shape Shop – Fisher Price Modern Publishing

This is a really cute story to teach kids their colours and shapes. What I love about this book is that it has an actual story to follow, it’s not just reading a list. Plus in addition to having the standard kids shapes of triangle, square and circle, the book shows more complex shapes like oval, heart, diamonds, etc. It’s enjoyable to read and packed with stuff for kids to learn.

“Let’s start in the pet shop
with rabbits galore.
There are brown ones and black ones
And white ones and more.”

201041Jillian Jiggs – Phoebe Gilman

This is such a cute story! Jillian’s mother wants her to clean her room, but Jillian keeps getting distracted by playing games! I really like how big of an imagination Jillian has, and all the different things that she creates. With fun ideas like dressing up and playing make-believe this book a big winner with me – and my nephew!

“They dressed up as dragons,
They dressed up as trees.
They dressed up as bad guys who never say please.”

17428679Winter for Snow – Robert Neubecker

This is such a delightful book, and by far my favourite. The boy loves winter, and the girl just wants to stay inside! Told in a beautiful rhyming pattern, the story shows all the amazing and fun things you can do outside in winter. It’s a great story to introduce kids to winter activities, plus it’s super fun to read!

“Winter is for all our friends.
together in the park.
With sleds and forts and winter fun
we’ll frolic till it’s dark!”


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