I’m Slightly Addicted To Giveaways

If anyone follows me on Goodreads or Twitter they know I’m constantly entering giveaways. Who wouldn’t love the chance to get something for free? But more importantly, I love giveaways for one reason: exposure.

There are a few ways I hear about new books, one of which is the library. I get emailed newsletters from my local library about new books they’ve added to their collection. Plus I love the ability to walk into the library and browse random books that I can take home that day. Another place I often hear about books is from my friends. We all read a lot of books, and enjoy recommending those books we love to each other.

Unfortunately, there are downsides to how I hear about new books. I generally go to the same locations in the library – ie, the Young Adult section. I typically pick up fantasy novels, despite telling myself I should try something new. I’m a creature of habit, and don’t always force myself to wander the library at large. And as much as I love hearing about books from my friends, they (like me) all enjoy (get stuck) in certain genres: I have a friend who always reads romance, a friend for historical romance, and a friend for contemporary YA. This doesn’t bother me – it makes getting book recommendations for certain genres really easy. But we all read similar kinds of books, and I don’t get exposed to anything different.

What I love about giveaways is the exposure I get to books that I would otherwise never connect with. By exploring the giveaways, I get to read synopses about books that I might not pick up at the library, or books that my friends wouldn’t read. They allow me to consider books that I might otherwise skip over or disregard. I get to reconsider genres I’ve never read before. Giveaways also highlight new authors that none of us have heard about before.

To me, giveaways are all about exploring the unknown, discovering hidden treasures, and get introduced to debut authors. I want books that challenge me and that make me think, and I can’t always get that when I’m reading the same types of books over and over again. So I use giveaways to find books that are completely different from what I usually read, in the hopes that they will be something special. :)


2 comments on “I’m Slightly Addicted To Giveaways

  1. Heather says:

    Giveaways are a smart idea, plus the bonus of winning something!! Your blog looks really good. That friend who reads all the romances must be pretty scandalous ;)

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