Finding The Motivation To Write

It has always been in me to write. For as long as I can remember, I’ve been making up stories and narrating them inside my head. While I’ve written some of these down over time, I’ve become very eager in the last year to really try to write a full, finished story. What I haven’t been great at is actually, you know, writing.

I’m not sure why, but writing always seems to come last on my list of things to do because everything else seems so much more important.  By the time I finish work, chores, and anything that needs immediate attention, I’m exhausted. The thought of picking up a pen feels incredibly daunting. It feels like I’m starting a monumental project, and I always tell myself I’ll give it proper attention tomorrow, I’ll dedicate my entire night towards it tomorrow, I’ll have so much more energy tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow…

The funny thing is, once I get started it is so easy to keep going. If I force myself to write once sentence, then it’s easy to write two. To finish the thought I write a paragraph. And to really illustrate my meaning I write a page. And it’s such a relief, such an amazing feeling to get something out of my head and down on a page. So why can’t I do that every day?

Through this blog, I have discovered when I feel accountable to someone, I can write and deliver. I feel obligated to write twice a week, and although the only people who will know when I skip a post are me and my sister (Hi!) I still somehow manage to pull through most weeks because I feel that invisible deadline pulling at me.

So, to push myself to write daily, I’m doing Camp Nano this April. I tried NaNoWriMo last November and failed miserably didn’t make it because I couldn’t keep up with the word count. Beginning with a 1667 per day word count was overwhelming. (You can read my full thoughts in this blog post.)

What I love about Camp NaNo is that you get to set your own word count and create your own goals for the month. I’m setting a conservative goal of 10 000 words. I feel that 334 words per day is realistic for my life, and I’m looking forward to working a little each day. I want to focus on getting into the habit of writing little bits everyday, not sprinting to catch up with a high word count. This way I can feel good about writing every day, and build good habits throughout the month. I’m really hoping this little push is the motivation I need to write, and to keep writing. :)



2 comments on “Finding The Motivation To Write

  1. I struggle to write too even though I love it! I’m thinking about trying some poetry again, because I don’t feel as committed with the word count. Good luck with Nanocamp!

    • The word count is what I struggle with too. That’s why I wanted to try a much lower count – so far so good! That would be great if you started writing again! Poetry is great. :) I miss the poetry club at Brock, they always motivated me to keep working.

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