A Day Of Reading

This weekend happens to be a long weekend in Canada, so I have been able to enjoy three wonderful days of sun! I was lucky enough to camp out on my balcony and get caught up in a good book. When I sat down to blog today I started reflecting on a conversation that happened at work last week. As it always happens when going into a long weekend, all my coworkers could talk about on Friday was what their plans were for the weekend. And, as usual, this conversation happened:

Coworker: “So what are you up to this holiday?”
Me: “Reading.”
Coworker: “Yeah, but like what else?”
Me: “No, just reading.”
Coworker: “Oh…”

These conversations always make me laugh, because my co-worker obviously isn’t a book person. But I really look forward to long weekends because it gives me an entire extra day to read and catch up if I’m behind on my reading list. When it sometimes feels like I have zero time for reading, getting an extra day that I can set aside to do just that feels amazing.

It’s so funny that I have trouble understanding why someone would dislike sitting around and reading for hours, but they probably have just as much trouble understanding why I like it. The thing is, it’s just so easy to do! When you’re reading a crazy good book, somehow hours go by without you even noticing. I love the feeling of getting wrapped up in a book and getting so immersed in the story, I lose all sense of the passage of time.

Whether you had a holiday today or not, I hope you had a lovely, sunny weekend. And whether you are a book person or not, I hope you know what it is like to lose yourself in a hobby, become so immersed in the pleasure of it that somehow you lose track of time, and that you can just have that day of enjoyment.

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