Book Wear!

Back in May I shared a bunch of bookish bags that I absolutely fell in love with. This time around, I’m looking for a nice set of shoes to go with those bags. While I’m not sure I could ever actually wear these shoes (if I wore them out I’d be heartbroken!) I can’t deny that owning a pair of these would make me extremely happy!

Harry Potter Hogwarts Crest Shoes


I love the simple design of this shoe. Still obviously Harry Potter, but the black makes them wearable with almost anything! They look super comfy too.

Sneakers | Hot Topic


The Fault in Our Stars Okay Flats


While there are many many versions of the Okay? Okay shoes available, these are definitely my favourite. I like the casual look and that the cloud pattern is still present, but doesn’t overtake the shoe. I can totally picture wearing these every day!

Arteclair | Etsy


The Lord of The Rings Middle Earth Shoes


I really like the look of the map on these shoes. They were really well done. I particularly like that the compass rose is present, and how many details were tactfully placed on the shoes. They look beautiful!

PoppyBouquet | Etsy


 The Hobbit Converse Shoes


These are my favourite Hobbit shoes! The high-top gives the perfect effect for the mountains and the overall look is just gorgeous. Plus they would match my tote! :D

BeressyArt | Etsy

Library Card Canvas Shoes


I love that library card shoes exist! These made me really happy when I found them. They’re still super simple but have so much charm. Plus I love that they’re customizable and you can put any book title you want on them.

ShopJustWish | Etsy


Handwritten Book Quote Shoes


I love the overall bookish/writing feel to these, but my favourite part is that these shoes are completely customizable – you can quote any book you want on them. I can think of so many good quotes I would want to use!

SisterandSisterArt | Etsy

Paper Towns Canvas Shoes


And finally Paper Towns. I will admit I haven’t even read this book yet, but I’m in love with these shoes. They’re elegantly simple, yet so easy to recognize. They just make me smile!

MyRainbowVeins | Etsy

Don’t forget to check out the TheLibraryLife’s Pinterest page to see more bookish stuff, and check back this summer for more book wear!


7 comments on “Book Wear!

  1. I love shoes! And am seriously contemplating ordering the Lord of the Rings shoes. Love them!

  2. They’re so gorgeous!! If I was wearing them I’d never be able to stop looking at my own feet!

  3. Steph says:

    Awesome! Who doesn’t want to wear and be wrapped up in their books?

  4. tralee68 says:

    Love these!! Great idea.

  5. I want the Library Card ones soooo bad!! I would be so sad though if I bought them and they got super dirty :(

    • That is my problem with ALL of them!! But those one especially because they’re so white, I wouldn’t want the effect of them to be ruined. But they’re so pretty!

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