Book Wear! (Leggings)

I don’t even remember what I was looking for on Pinterest when I came across a bunch of these book-related leggings and tights and I absolutely fell in love! I want these in my life! If you like these, check out my previous Book Wear posts on tote bags and bookish shoes.


Jane Eyre Quotation

Jane Eyre

There are a lot of quotation leggings and tights out there, but there’s something about this pair that really grabbed my attention. I love how soft they look, and how the title and Charlotte Bronte’s name are separated at the left ankle. I just think they’re pretty.

TightsShop | Etsy


Game of Thrones Dragon Skin

Game of ThronesThis was love at first sight. I think these leggings are gorgeous. While they’re not necessarily Game of Thrones specific, I still think the dragon skin concept is really cool. Plus they’re beautiful!

AliciaZenobia | Etsy


Harry Potter Potter Print

Potter PrintI’m not even sure what it is I like about these leggings. I think they’re just fun, and I can picture myself lounging around with friends while wearing them. Plus the red background with the yellow scar gives them that extra little pop.

NerdyGirlyClothing | Etsy


Mary Poppins Quotation

Mary PoppinsI love the simplicity of this pair and that it contains just one simple quotation. Plus I think the silhouette of Mary Poppins is wonderful – it’s so recognizable, and certainly made me smile.

TightsShop | Etsy


Storybook Tights

StorybookThese tights took my breath away when I saw them. I love the little pictures that are added throughout, and that you don’t really need to read them to get that bookish feel. | Pinterest

Alice in Wonderland Pictures

Alice in Wonderland

There are so many key pictures on these tights that just looking at them fills my head with memories from the story. I love how whimsical these appear because it just seems so fitting for Alice.

TightsShop | Etsy

Hamlet Print Leggings

HamletIn all my searching, I didn’t come across that many dark leggings, so this pair definitely stood out. The white writing has a really great effect on the colour, and I love that there’s just so much text to give them a really great look.

BlackMilkClothing | BlackMilk


Harry Potter Daily Prophet

HP Daily Prophet

I really love these Harry Potter themed leggings. The black and white gives them a good overall appearance, and there are a lot of details on there from the books!

BlackMilkClothing | BlackMilk


The Lord of the Rings Map


I know, I know, I pick this map for everything. But quite honestly, they could probably put this map on anything and I would want to buy it. (They come in silver too!)

BlackMilkClothing | Black Milk

Don’t forget to check out the TheLibraryLife’s Pinterest page to see more bookish stuff, and check back this summer for more book wear!


4 comments on “Book Wear! (Leggings)

  1. What?! I need these in my life! :) – ashley

  2. Did you see the new Out of Print leggings?! They are amazing!!!
    I also really want the storybook tights…

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