The Grand Seduction (2013)

Grand SeductionFrom A much-needed boost, in the form of a new factory, is promised to the residents of the small harbor of Tickle Head – provided they can lure a doctor to take up full-time residency on the island. Village resident Murray French (Gleeson) leads the search, and when he finds Dr. Paul Lewis (Kitsch) he employs – along with the whole town – tactics to seduce the doctor to stay permanently. 

Why I Chose It: My boyfriend is a fan of the original 2003 French version, and suggested this movie to me.

The Review:

One of the really great aspects of this movie is the comedy. I absolutely loved the humour in this movie and I’m not even sure how to describe it. Nothing is forced, or is so overtly obvious that it feels pushed at you. All of the comedy in this movie feels very natural and sincere, and it genuinely made me burst out laughing. It’s the type of story that takes no effort to tell and is easy to enjoy and not only makes you laugh, but leaves you feeling good at the end of it.

Grand Seduction Boat

I found this movie somehow very charming. On the surface, there is not a lot to Tickle Head. It’s rough, tired, and run down. But the more I watched these characters the more I liked them. Even if they seem a little rough on the outside, their hearts shine through, and you learn to really care about the people that they are. These characters feel honest and genuine, and are absolutely hilarious. They are some of my favourite characters I’ve seen in a movie in a long time.

The Grand Seduction Listening

Finally, I found this movie very visually compelling, mostly because there’s nothing fancy or showy about it. There is a lot of natural Newfoundland landscape that I found absolutely gorgeous – I couldn’t take my eyes off the screen! And while the harbour’s houses are rough, they feel authentic and there is a certain beauty to the whole setting. Somehow visually, the characters fit into this setting and become a part of it themselves, to create what feels like a genuine picture of this enchanting harbour.


There are so many aspects I really enjoyed about this movie. I love its simplicity, the look and feel of it, and the story that it tells. On top of that I love that the movie shows a part of Canada many people might never see. Plus I love how the cast is loaded with Canadian actors, and that the soundtrack showcases some East coast culture. If you’re in the mood for a sincere story that’s sure to make you laugh, definitely check this one out.

Rating: 4 / 5


4 comments on “The Grand Seduction (2013)

  1. Hannah says:

    I actually wanted to see this based off of previews when it first came out, and completely forgot it even existed… thanks for reminding me :)

  2. I LOVE THIS MOVIE! The original french one is actually even better! If you are looking for other movies with the same feel try Starbuck and The Intouchables in the original French! They are two of my favourite movies!!

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