Book Spine Poetry and Baseball

I finally have to admit it: I have a secret love for book spine poetry. For those aren’t familiar, book spine poetry is when you arrange books in a row to make a poem from the titles. The trick to reading them is to ignore all the extra words like author names, library stickers/labels, etc, and read only the titles.

After you

The Best of Book Spine Poetry | Book Riot

Book spine poetry is so interesting to me. I love the idea that we can take one form of communication and turn it into something completely new and creative. It’s a form of poetry, and it doesn’t have to be a perfect sentence, or even make complete sense. But when I see a poem that is right on the mark I get so excited. It boggles my mind that people manage to find the perfect book titles to convey a thought or feeling – I just love it!

A Snow Story

2013 National Library Week Book Spine Poetry Contest |

I would absolutely love to have access to a library full of books that I can ransack to create book spine poetry. I think it would be so much fun to dig through piles of books and see what I can create. Then again, I think piles of books are always fun. :)

Poetry For Young People

2013 National Library Week Book Spine Poetry Contest |


So where does baseball come in? Well this week the Kansas City Royals were winning the ALCS over the Toronto Blue Jays, and the Kansas City Public Library tweeted this out:

Sorry You Lost

Toronto Public Library was all too ready with their response:

Warning Kansas City

After the Blue Jays won yesterday’s game the two libraries had another round, ending with this awesome shot:

The Comeback
See the original story and more pictures on BarDown.

This is my favourite thing that happened this week. I’ve pretty much spent all week fangirling over everything that I see, and this just tops it off perfectly. Needless to say I couldn’t be happier going into Game 6 tomorrow. Let’s go, let’s go, BLUE JAYS!



4 comments on “Book Spine Poetry and Baseball

  1. That’s fantastic – we’ve never thought of book spine poetry! Definitely going to have to try it out… :)

  2. Ayunda says:

    I’ve never heard of book spine poetry but it seems such a unique and fun thing! Some of those are really beautiful to read :)

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