Book Pumpkin Carvings!

I’m not much of a Halloween girl but when I saw these book related pumpkin carvings on Pinterest I got super excited! I couldn’t wait to share my favourites. I am definitely not as talented as these people are, but I want to make my next pumpkin carving based on a book!

Green Eggs and Ham


This one made me laugh as soon as I saw it. The artist captured Dr Seuss’ character perfectly, and I love the simple style of the lettering.

15 Awesome Bookish Jack O’Lanterns | Book Riot


The Hobbit Book Cover


This one might actually be my favourite. It features my favourite cover for The Hobbit and I’m so impressed with how good it looks on the pumpkin. The second pumpkin is a bonus!

Incredible Literary Jack O’Lanterns | Book Riot


Hogwarts Crest, Harry Potter

Hogwarts Crest Pumpkin

I did see a lot of different pumpkin carvings from Harry Potter but I liked this one the best. I think the shape of each animal was very well done, and I love how recognizable the symbol is.

Leila Jackson | Pinterest


Faction Pumpkins, Divergent

Divergent Pumpkins

Not just one pumpkin: five pumpkins! If these pumpkins were shown as individuals I might not have liked them as much, but showing the group together has definite wow-factor! These look great!

ladyoferudite | Instagram


Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland Pumpkin

I find this pumpkin so impressive. I am amazed at how many details are in the carving, and I think it captures the feel of Alice in Wonderland perfectly.

18 Literary Pumpkins for a Bookish Halloween | Buzzfeed


Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes Pumpkin

I like this pumpkin for two reasons. First, the figure of Sherlock Holmes is so recognizable, and is really well done. Second, I absolutely that they managed to carve that beautiful lettering into a pumpkin!

18 Literary Pumpkins for a Bookish Halloween | Buzzfeed


Brisingr Cover

Brisingr Pumpkin

So, dragon on a pumpkin? Super awesome. Dragon from a book on a pumpkin? Even better. I think this pumpkin is gorgeous – the only thing that could top it is a carving of Smaug. ;)

Best 28 Geeky Pumpkins Ever Carved | GeeksRaisingGeeks


Nevermore, The Raven

Poe Pumpkin

I really like this pumpkin. While it may be more simple than some of the other carvings, I loved that when I saw it I immediately thought: “Quoth the raven, ‘Nevermore’,” and continued to quote the remainder of the story in my head.  Any pumpkin that can inspire so many memories of quotations is good in my books!

18 Literary Pumpkins for a Bookish Halloween | Buzzfeed


Capitol Symbol, The Hunger Games

Hunger Games Pumpkin

As much as I like the Mockingjay symbol, it’s nice to change it up once in a while. That’s why I got so excited when I saw the Capitol symbol. I think this carving is fabulous.

18 Literary Pumpkins for a Bookish Halloween | Buzzfeed


These pumpkins make me really happy. :) Have you ever seen a book related pumpkin, or made one? Keep a lookout – maybe you’ll see some really great pumpkins while you’re out trick or treating! And if you’re staying in – like me – I hope you have a wonderfully bookish night. Happy Halloween!


Book Pumpkin

Incredible Literary Jack O’Lanterns | Book Riot

9 comments on “Book Pumpkin Carvings!

  1. Holy crap! Here I was all proud of my hand carved simple ghost. LMAO! Awesome pumpkins!

  2. Oh my gosh!!! The Hobbit and Alice in Wonderland are amazing!!!

  3. Steph says:

    Thank you for sharing the beautiful pumpkins. They are wonderful. You have made my Halloween night!

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