Cross Stitching and Audiobooks

This past week I’ve been working on a few different cross stitching projects. I really like cross stitching. I find it relaxing and I love the different things I can create with the tiny stitches. While I’m really excited about these projects, the stitching takes up a lot of time, and I’ve been neglecting my other hobbies – including reading.

In general I find stitching alone isn’t entertaining, because although it needs my attention and takes lots of time, it isn’t exactly mentally strenuous – especially when I have a large section of the same colour. While my hands stay busy, I need something to keep my mind busy. I typically watch tv while I’m working. It’s a great time to catch up on missed episodes, and then I don’t feel guilty for wasting a lot of time on tv!

But I’ve been stitching a lot lately – and this means a lot of tv. While I’ve been watching some of my favourite shows, there are only so many episodes in a row that I can take. Eventually I feel bored, and I need to change shows to keep myself energized enough to work on stitching. But the past few days I’ve felt quite bored with all of my shows, and I found myself longing for a good book. I usually read right before bed, but when I’ve been stitching for multiple hours my eyes get so tired, and the last thing I want to do is pick up a book. So yesterday I decided to give audiobooks another try.

I have tried audiobooks before and it was not a bad experience by any means. I rather enjoyed the different medium, and I also enjoyed that I was able to multitask while listening. My largest complaint at the time was that it was easy to get distracted and to miss entire sections of the book, leaving me to awkwardly rewind and listen, hunting for a part that sounded familiar. Rewinding an audiobook is not quite the same thing as flipping back a few pages! Still, I wanted to give the audiobook another try so that I could get in some quality book time while still working on my cross stitch projects.

Listening to the audiobook felt great. Sinking into the book was incredibly relaxing, and I loved that I could still be transported into another world even though I was not actively reading. I also found that it was easier to multitask this time around and that I could easily focus on both stitching and listening to the story. I finished almost an entire book this weekend, and almost finished my second project, which is a great feeling. I can’t wait to polish both off and move on to the next project and book!

I do often find that I’m in a time crunch, and that my busy life doesn’t always allow me to focus on multiple hobbies at once. But this weekend has reminded me that sometimes the time we dedicate to reading has to be an active choice – a choice to turn off the tv, turn down the music, and focus on the worlds that are being created through words. In the coming weeks I am very much looking forward to working on more cross stitching projects, and spending more time with books – whatever the format.


2 comments on “Cross Stitching and Audiobooks

  1. What audiobook did you listen to? I LOVE them when I’m driving!

    • I listened to City of a Thousand Dolls, it’s been on my to-read for a while! I didn’t mind the narrator. I’m still exploring to see what kind of narrators I like or dislike. :)

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