Books and Music

I am a big fan of experiencing books in all different forms, from reading to audio books to movie adaptations. But there’s one other form that I absolutely love to experience: music. I love listening to music. I am one of those people who can sit and listen to music for hours and not get bored. So when I listen to a certain piece of music and it reminds me of a book I think it’s delightful. I have spent all weekend looking at different music videos that fans have made for different book series, and I decided to share my favourites with you.


The Hunger Games | Beautiful Pain

I really enjoy how the lyrics match up with the story so well, and really help to highlight some of the important aspects of The Hunger Games. I also love the video, as it shows some of my favourite moments from the movies!

Song: Beautiful Pain | Eminem ft. Sia


Divergent | Down

I watched so many different Divergent videos and I liked them all for different reasons, but I kept coming back to this one. I really like the song, and the first half of the video is matched up with the lyrics so well. Although I don’t know that the song really captures the meaning of the books, I enjoy listening to it!

Song: Down | Jason Walker
Video: Divergent Nephilim


Divergent | Gasoline

Okay, yes I have two Divergent songs, but I honestly couldn’t pick between them because they are so different. I wasn’t too sure about this song when I first heard it – then I heard the chorus lyrics and loved it. The chorus just completely felt like the Divergent series and I kept listening to it over and over. While I have some complaints about this video (mainly the speed of certain parts) it still does a good job of capturing the films.

Song: Gasoline | Halsey
Video: Emmanuel Perez


A Game of Thrones | Castle

I actually hadn’t intended to look for A Game of Thrones song, but when I was checking out the Divergent song above I ran across this and absolutely loved it. I think it’s perfect for Daenerys and it totally makes me want to read the books again.

Song: Castle | Halsey
Video: Avery Weaver


The Hobbit | The Last Goodbye

So not a big surprise, but when I thought of The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit I immediately thought of two songs: this one; and The Misty Mountains Cold. Obviously they’re from the movies, but when I first heard this song I absolutely fell in love with it. First of all, it’s Billy Boyd, so, duh. But second, I think there’s something magical about reading words in a book over and over again, and then have them brought to life in such a beautiful way.

Song: The Last Goodbye | Billy Boyd
Video: The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies – Billy Boyd Music Video


Harry Potter | The War

Finally, this is the song that inspired this blog post. The song and video are not new but I have never gotten tired of them. This remains one of my favourite songs, and I can listen to it and watch the video on repeat for hours. It’s just perfect. It conveys all of the feelings that the Harry Potter series gave me, and the video does a brilliant job of telling the story, not just of one book, but of the whole series. I have not been able to find another book-related video that tops this one, but even if I do, I will never stop loving this one.

Song: This Is War | 30 Seconds to Mars
Video: agentofchaos


I hope that you like these songs and videos as much as I do! I certainly had a lot of fun watching them and many more, and remembering so many good parts from the books and movies. Have you found any songs or videos that seem go perfectly with books? How about songs that are perfect to listen to while reading? Let me know in the comments!


5 comments on “Books and Music

  1. aubreyleaman says:

    I love doing this kind of thing and actually do it as part of my blog! Probably my favorite is how Devil’s Backbone by Civil Wars could easily be sung by Juliet in Shakespeare’s play.

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