Our Shared Shelf

I’ve explored many different online book clubs since starting this blog, and during my search I have repeatedly run into celebrities. I’ve heard of different celebrities hosting book clubs over the years but they’ve never really piqued my interest. For me, reading a book just because a celebrity tells me to isn’t really high on my priority list, and besides, generally they’re reading books that I’m not interested in.

Well for the first time, I’m interested.

Emma Watson has created a book club, Our Shared Shelf. But not just any book club: she’s lining this up with her work for HeForShe.

Our Shared Shelf

I have been incredibly impressed with Emma Watson ever since hearing her speech at the UN for gender equality and the launch of HeForShe. I love that she is so passionate about such a big topic, and that she isn’t going to let anyone or anything hold her back. I think it’s really amazing that she’s growing this book club as a way to foster education and conversation about gender equality. While I don’t know that I’ll read every book that is suggested, I’m definitely curious enough to check a few out, and I very much want to support Emma’s work.

If you haven’t checked it out yet, here is Emma Watson’s speech at the UN. Also check out the brand new website, HeForShe.org. I am really looking forward to what the HeForShe campaign and Emma Watson have in store for us this year.






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