Stargate: Rebellion – Bill McCay

Stargate RebellionOn the Cover: When the crack team of scientists and soldiers entered the “Stargate,” armed rebellion on a planet a million light-years away was the last thing on their minds. Now that it’s started, no one can ignore it – not commando Jack O’Neil, not renegade Egyptologist Daniel Jackson, and most of all not the newly freed people of Abydos.

Published: 1995

Why I Chose It: I grew up with both the Stargate movie and the tv show Stargate: SG-1, so I was excited to explore this universe in written form.



The Review:

This was a really interesting reading experience for me. I don’t think I’ve ever started a book that I’ve never read before, yet known as much about the universe as I do this one. I was really interested in the use of alien technology in the book, as that’s something that is very prevalent in the movie. McCay does very well at balancing the descriptions of these technologies. To an unfamiliar reader, he’s detailed enough to give a solid image of the technology; yet he does not drag on the descriptions as to bore those who are familiar. For me, McCay provided the perfect level of description for the technologies used, both man-made and alien-made.

The highlight in this novel was the action that takes place. There is a very strong use of military strategy within the movements of characters, and I loved that even when soldiers were simply regrouping there was always something interesting going on and I was always learning something more about the fight. McCay has a very strong ability to cover the action from different viewpoints at overlapping times and I loved being able to see the playing field from all angles. I definitely felt immersed in the action and it was incredibly enjoyable to read.

Stargate Hungarian Cover

My only real complaint about the novel was the dialogue. I often found that the conversations between characters felt manufactured in order to move the plot forward. There was an abruptness to the dialogue that made it feel unnatural. Still, the dialogue achieved its goal of moving the plot forward quickly, and on some level I was glad we could get back to the action and not sit around talking.

I enjoyed this book on so many levels and I already know I will re-read this one in the future. Stargate: Rebellion does a great job at examining the movie and saying, what happens next? It answers a few questions the movie doesn’t, and continues the story in a really believable way. If you have ever watched the tv show or movie, or are interested in the combination of ancient worlds with alien technology, totally check this one out!

Rating: 4 / 5

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“Lockwood had traversed a million light-years by StarGate from Abydos to Earth. He’d moved forward in terms of civilization eight thousand years, from ancient Egypt to an ultramodern missile silo in Colorado. He’d survived a jet trip to Washington. But as he drove through the Virginia countryside to the Pentagon, he glanced at his gold watch, hoping he’d budgeted enough time to make his official appointment.” p 112

“To an exterior observer, the battleship Ra’s Eye made the transition from stardrive to normal space in a soundless blaze of glory. Vacuum, of course, does not transmit sound. But it does convey light, and at the moment of its appearance, incandescent sheets of luminescence emanated from each face of the starship’s pyramidal structure.” p 179

“An udajeet flashed over O’Neil’s Humvee, and all aboard ducked. But the antigravity glider was after bigger game. Its blast-cannon flashed, and something exploded from beyond the next dune.” p 240