Christmas Baking!

The past two weeks I’ve been trying to wrap up my 2016 reading challenge and I’ve had one delicious addition to my reading time: Christmas cookies. I love to bake, and the holidays are a really great excuse to make tons of baked goods! From shortbread to chocolate macaroons, mincemeat pies and apple muffins, the holidays are just so delicious.

Shortbread Cookies - Food Network

Shortbread Cookies – Food Network

The other thing I absolutely love about the holidays and baking? Cookbooks! I may not be very good at cooking or baking, but I love to flip through cookbooks, to look at all the yummy pictures and get ideas for making yummy food. Holiday cookbooks are even better. They’re full of gorgeous Christmas colours and sparkles and of course recipes for the yummiest cookies.

Gingerbread Cookies - Reader's Digest

Gingerbread Cookies – Reader’s Digest

usborne-christmas-baking-for-childrenI was absolutely delighted to discover that my library has a plethora of cookbooks to borrow, and this year I stumbled across Usborne Christmas Baking for Children. This is the cutest little cookbook I’ve ever seen, full of cartoon drawings of all the baking instructions and really simple recipes for Christmas cookies. It’s colourful and fun and the cookies look delicious! I’ve already made a ton of cookies but I know I’ll have to try the recipes from this book!


No matter what you’re reading or eating this holiday, I hope your holiday is filled with books, cookies, family and friends. Have a very happy holiday!

Linzer Cookies - Joy of Baking

Linzer Cookies – Joy of Baking


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