Year in Review: 2016


I am over the moon at having completed my Reading Challenge of 50 books this year. This summer I took a couple months off blogging and reading, so when I picked up books again in September I thought, I’ll never make it. It was at the end of November that I realized I could actually hit the 50 book goal, and the past few weeks I’ve been tearing through novels and it has felt great. It’s been a long time since I dedicated so much of my time to reading and I have absolutely enjoyed finishing this year’s challenge.


Also surprising to me is that I liked so many of the books I read this year! The second half of the year I focused on finishing some of the series I’d started a while ago, and I was much more aggressive about inter-library loaning books to try and get the books I wanted to read. As a result, I genuinely enjoyed most of what I read!


The Most Memorable of 2016

New Series:

The Dresden Files by Jim Butcher

storm-frontThis year I was introduced to this series by a friend and I fell head over heels. I absolutely love the adventure, comedy, and magic that this story contains. Most of all, I love the world that Butcher has created, with the rich settings, unique creatures, and magical history. Butcher really reminded me of why I love fantasy in the first place and delivered an adventure that I was happy to ride.



Powerful Read:

After by Amy Efaw

AfterI read this book at the beginning of the year and still remember it vividly. The story is centered around very difficult content, but the writing and storytelling is so well done. Efaw tells a powerful and important story and I know I will remember this book for a very long time.



Interesting Characters:

The Hired Girl by Laura Amy Schlitz

the-hired-girlI read this book in the last couple of weeks and I grew to love the main character, Joan. Her narrating voice is so distinct, and I loved the authenticity of her diary entries. Schlitz explored topics from feminism, housework, education and religion, all through the lens of a fourteen year-old hired girl. I enjoyed the honesty found in Joan’s character and the story she told.



Vanessa and Her Sister by Priya Parmar

vanessa-and-her-sisterOf all the books I read this year, Vanessa and Her Sister really stood out for the quality of the writing. This is a beautifully written book and I love that it echoed Virginia Woolf’s own works. The wonderfully orchestrated imagery is layered on top of a well-researched foundation and this is one that I will gladly return to in the future.



Continuing Series:

The Memoirs of Lady Trent by Marie Brennan

HistoryofDragonsI read A Natural History of Dragons in 2015 and this year read the next two books in the series, The Tropic of Serpents and The Voyage of the Basilisk. I love the variety of settings and dragons found in these novels, and the devotion to the scientific mind. Brennan continuously delivers strong novels with an enduring story and this is easily one of my favourite series.


I enjoyed so many of the books I read in 2016. I am really looking forward to the next year and finding even more great reads. Happy New Year!



2 comments on “Year in Review: 2016

  1. Congrats on reaching your reading goal. 50 books is awesome.
    I keep meaning to give the Dresden files a go. Maybe I’ll pick them up this year.

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