Solar Eclipse and the Darkest Dark

Tomorrow is the solar eclipse, and I couldn’t be more excited! I made my box viewer today (I used’s video) and tried it out. I seriously hope it’s not cloudy tomorrow!! I also made “eclipse cookies” to bring into work. These chocolate dipped cookies are delicious!! I can’t wait to share them. While I can’t experience the total eclipse tomorrow, it will be about 80%, which is definitely worth it. This is one of the first eclipses that I can remember preparing for. I vaguely remember partial eclipses from growing up, but this one I’m pumped for.

I have always been excited by astronomy. When I was younger I went to a Girl Guide camp and heard the different stories and legends behind each constellation. I was totally fascinated by these stories, particularly by Cassiopeia. I still search for her throne in the night sky.


When I was really young, I got to meet Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield. He was the first Canadian to walk in space and he came to my school to give a talk about what it’s like to be an astronaut. I thought he was the coolest, and I treasured the autographed photo I received.


Hadfield is popular for his social media presence and music, but more recently he published a children’s book, The Darkest Dark. This is a beautiful book with an inspiring story that reminds us to follow our dreams, no matter how far away they may seem. The pictures are absolutely stunning and I would love to have them framed on my wall. This is one of my favourite books this year, and I love that it was written by Chris Hadfield.

The Darkest Dark

My love of astronomy certainly fuelled many choices growing up, from pasting glow-in-the-dark stars in accurately placed constellations all over my ceiling, to the star chart that hangs over my desk today, to the sci-fi shows I watch on repeat, to influencing my own fiction writing. Astronomy is just one of those science-based things that has always been there and has always interested me. Now I get to see the eclipse tomorrow, and who knows – maybe that will end up in one of my stories, too.



One comment on “Solar Eclipse and the Darkest Dark

  1. We get 80% coverage here too but I haven’t made a box yet. It’s partially cloudy so I’m not sure if I’ll be able to see it anyway. Chris Hatfield’s hometown is about 30 minutes away and I keep missing him when he comes back home! He’s so I inspiring! His space pictures and desire to bring space to earth was so much fun to follow!!

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