Review Policy

Thelibrarylife is currently accepting requests for book reviews. Please consider the following details of my review policy:


Written Reviews:

  • All books are received and reviewed by Katharine_Ann.
  • Books will be evaluated in an honest and unbiased review and will be ranked on a 5-star rating system. A detailed look at this rating system can be found here.
  • Reviews will be posted to both thelibrarylife blog and Other platforms will be considered upon request.
  • All reviews will state that the book was received from the author / publisher in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.
  • I will do my best to read and review your book as soon as possible. Unfortunately, I cannot promise a specific timeline.


Review Requests

  • Requests can be made by email at thelibrarylife (at) hotmail (dot) com, or through the Goodreads website.
  • Review requests will be accepted from professional or debut authors, including self-published material.
  • Review requests will be accepted if the book is available at no cost to thelibrarylife. Books can be received via author, publisher, giveaways, or may be obtained at a local library.
  • Please note, thelibrarylife does not receive compensation for any review. ¬†Incentives will not be accepted for a higher star rating.


Book Formats and Genres

  • Books will be accepted in any form: hard cover, paperback, or eBooks in .pdf or .mobi
  • Each request will be considered on an individual basis, but please note the preferred genres: ¬†Contemporary, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Historical Fiction, Dystopian, Short Story Collections
  • Books in the following genres will not be considered for review: Romance, Erotica, Horror

Feel free to contact me at thelibrarylife (at) hotmail (dot) com, or through my Goodreads page. I look forward to reading your work! :)


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