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Promises to KeepPromises to Keep – Genevieve Graham

Posted August 27, 2017

A young Acadian woman and an English soldier are forced to risk everything during the grand expulsion of the Acadian people.


BawseHow to Be a Bawse – Lilly Singh

Posted August 1, 2017

There are no shortcuts to success. In Lilly’s world, there are no escalators, only stairs. Get ready to climb.


Hatchet 2Hatchet – Gary Paulsen

Posted July 25, 2017

Brian is flying north to visit his father when his plane crash lands in the Canadian wilderness, leaving Brian with nothing but the hatchet on his belt.


The WarsThe Wars – Timothy Findley

Posted July 16, 2017

A young Canadian soldier is moved to the front during World War I.



The Hidden KeysThe Hidden Keys – André Alexis

Posted June 12, 2017

Tancred is enlisted to steal several objects and solve the hidden puzzle.










2 comments on “Book Reviews

  1. tiffanywismer says:

    Hi there! I’m an aspiring writer and I just have a question. You are obviously an avid reader, and a great reviewer. Your one-line book descriptions got me thinking about each book having a concise idea, or a hook. What is it that really “hooks” you when you see a book on the shelf? What makes you think “I just have to read that”? I’d love an answer to this question! Thanks!

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