From The Writing Desk

Recent Thoughts:

The Browsing Collection
Year in Review: 2016
Bookish Ornaments!
The Unfinished Series

On Books:

My Favourite Love Story
Books and Music

What’s Your Favourite Book?

Book Recs and Tags

I’m Slightly Addicted to Giveaways
The Book Hook

On Libraries:

Science Fiction and Fantasy in the Library
Book Spine Poetry and Baseball
Library Book Lending Machines

Lost Between The Genres

Exploring the Unknown Novel
Assumptions About Librarians
The Best Surprise in a Library Book 
A Tweet Database? Yes, Please!
A Librarian Lost in a Bookstore

On Reading:

Audiobook Indecision
Lying About the Books We’ve Read
Our Shared Shelf

The Magic of Re-Reading

Exploring The E-Book: Tablet

Exploring the E-Book: Laptop (OverDrive)

Reading Habits Tag

Exploring the E-Book: Mobile
Exploring the Audiobook

On Reviews:

Reading Reviews: Before of After?
Reading for Reviews

A Note on Virginia Woolf

The Trouble with Anthologies 
The Expectation Problem

On Writing:

Bring on the Potterverse
On Writing Accents
The Exhausted Mind
Draw Me A Map 

The Slow Classic 
I Miss Essays

Writing Playlist:



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